1. How do the boys get along w/Charlotte & Stella?
The boys get along with Charlotte and Stella just fine. Funny story about the family. I was in Costco in San Diego and one day I ran into this adorable set of twin girls. After chatting with their mom for a few min we said goodbye and went on our own way. Well, months later, when we were in L.A. at the interview for the job, we ran into the same twins we had met that day at Costco. It was the same twins! What a nice surprise, and from then on the boys played with the girls just fine and now we even hang out in San Diego. A great friendship as a result.

2. Is there a particular actor on set the boys were close to?
Well the actors kept their distance so there wasnt one in particular that they boys clung to. They are a good judge of character and I would say that “Lucas” was the most friendly to the boys.

3. Will you keep the boys in the business?
I would like to, its a tough business so I have no expectations. Its very unpredictable.

4. How did the boys like working with James & Allison?
Gabriel is my more outgoing and personable out of the two so he took to James and Allison with not much grief.
Gideon, however, was a little more challanging.

5. If there a way to tell the boys apart?
For me its easy, but I tell people that the best way to tell is that Gideons head looks bigger than Gabriels.

6. Did day’s use one of the boys more than the other?
Yes, Gabriel

7. How did you feel when the boys got casted for Days?
Surprised, it happend so fast. I was very excited for them.

8. How did you get the boys into the business?
A friend of mine had her twins on Desperate Housewives and I stole the name of her agency from her and submitted photos of the boys. They liked them, I guess, and called me.

9. Do the boy’s miss being on set?

10. Were the actor’s able to tell them apart?
No, they didnt try.

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