1. How did the girls enjoy sharing the stage with the twins that played their twin on-screen?
It’s funny, when we went for our audition we ran into the boys and their mother and grandmother outside of the building. The other mom looked at me and said “I know you! We met at Costco!’ And it was true- we’d just met each other randomly shopping one day because we both had twins and had started chatting about it. It turned out that we lived about a mile from each other in San Diego. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship for me and the girls! They loved to be with the boys on screen and off. We’d each get a family dressing room, but often ended up in the same room sharing cheerios and toys. It was actually helpful that the kids had such fun together because they had a familiar friend onscreen. The first show they taped was the one with Sami and EJ and they were building EJville. The kids were a little unsure at first, but when they saw each other they calmed down and kept playing. We keep in touch, and the girls even went to the boys’ birthday party!

2. Did Days use one of the girls more often than the other for taping?
Charlotte was kind of the go to girl, because even though it was possible she might get upset or be unwilling, she would recover a little easier than Stella. In general, Charlotte was super easy going. If I handed her to someone she might make a face, but then she’d just go with it. I always stayed out of sight because if she saw me she’d remember that she would rather be with me. So they’d carry her around while they rehearsed and I’d watch from behind the cameras. Stella was much more focused in her refusals! Whenever they needed a baby to cry (because Chloe didn’t have any rapport with Allie, for example) they’d call for “Stella on the set!” Even Stella would settle down once she was used to the person. But I have to say that Charlotte filmed more than Stella because she was a little more consistent. Also, if you gave Charlotte some cheerios, she’d mellow right out. I used to tuck them into the actors’ pockets. In one scene when Sami was giving Allie to Lucas for the first time, she tearfully handed the baby over, and then the cheerios, saying “don’t forget these!” If Stella was happy, she needed no cheerios, and if she wasn’t happy she’d just throw the cheerios right back at you.

3. Is there anyway to tell the girls apart?
Well, they look completely different to me, of course. ; ) But honestly, they do have exactly the same features and are exactly the same size. When they were born we put bright pink polish on Stella’s big toe so we could remember who was who. The only difference is that Stella’s face is a bit narrower, and Charlotte’s is a bit wider. You see that a lot with identical twins, since it can be caused by the way the babies were positioned in the womb. Other than that, they both have a little stork bite on the napes of their necks, and Stella’s is a tiny bit darker than Charlotte’s.

4. Will you keep the girls in the business?
If they continue to enjoy it I will. I wouldn’t want to put them into situations where they were unhappy. So far they seem to be adventurous and having a good time, so we’ll see what happens.

5. How did the girls like working with Bryan and Alison ?
Well, they loved Bryan from the start. He’s so funny and sweet with the kids and he does a mean Elmo impression! Charlotte fell in love with James Scott the first day we filmed, so whenever he handed her over to Alison she was just unhappy. Seriously, anytime James was on the set she just wanted to go to him. So I think she had to get over her resentment toward Alison for taking her from the love of her life, at first. After a little while she grew very comfortable with Ali and didn’t want to go to anyone else. Stella had some scenes with Nadia and Bryan and she was crying when Nadia held her, but the second Bryan came in and took her she calmed right down. That worked out very well for the scene!

6. How did you feel when you got word your girls were casted for Days?
Excited and nervous. It was our first role and I just didn’t know what to expect. Once we got onto the set and became familiar with the routine it was super fun! And the teacher on the set was very helpful and wonderful to us. Everyone was, really.

7. Did the girls have a favorite person to work with on set?
It changed over time. At first, as I said, Charlotte was completely in love with James Scott. She’d go anywhere with him and be perfectly content. When he would swing her up into the air she would laugh and laugh. Later as she got comfortable with Alison she was very happy to be with her. They also loved Nadia, though you couldn’t tell from the early scenes of her holding crying Stella! She was really sweet and would come hang out in the dressing room with the girls before they shot their scene to play with them. Deidre Hall was another favorite. They liked Bryan, too… even when he was in facial wound make-up after being in the hospital.

8. How did you get the girl’s into the business?
It was so random. I’m a college professor and one of my students heard me talking about my twins and told me her agent was looking for identical 12 month old blonde twin girls for a role. We e-mailed a snapshot to my student and the next thing you knew, we had an agent. I think she was looking for twins for the Days role, and she sent us up to audition soon after. The rest is history!

9. Have the girl’s missed the set?
I set my DVR to record Days so we’d never miss an episode that the girls are in, and we could keep up with the story line. Then I started to let the girls watch scenes with Ali and James and Bryan so they’d be familiar to them when we filmed. When they see any of them on tv they point and say “Sami!” or “EJ!” or “Lucas!” It’s like they’re watching home movies. I don’t know that they miss the set, but they are definitely happy when we go back. They like to visit the hair and make-up room, which is ironic since they have very little hair, and they’d just walk around and say “HI!” to everyone. They had a blast!

10. Have the girl’s ever done anything that fit into the scene that was being filmed?
I can think of a couple of examples:
When Sami was sharing custody of Allie with Lucas for the first time, Charlotte was on the set and Alison was holding her and went to give her to Bryan. Alison said “go to daddy” and Charlotte reached for James. The story line at that time was all about how EJ had been more of a father to Allie than Lucas and how heart breaking it was for him to lose her. They were playing up the angle that he loved her as much as he did Johnny. So Charlotte’s crush on James furthered the plot line. Eventually she went to Bryan, but it looked like Allie felt more comfortable with EJ than Lucas: good for the scene!
When Allie and Johnny were in their high chairs and Stefano was reading to them they each had a toy. Johnny reached over to touch Allie’s toy and she snatched it back from him and said “no!” Stella’s attitude was very Sami: if someone else wants it, it’s MINE!

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