1. What was Amyrh’s favorite part about his time on Days?
He loved when Santa Claus was there. And when the other actor and actresses brought there kids to work with them. And he loved having his own dressing room.

2. Why did Amyrh stop playing Theo?
The studio made changes to the script, making his role younger.

3. What’s Amyrh been up to since leaving Days Of Our Lives?
Amyrh has been working on his break dancing. He is now touring with a break dance crew called The Queens City Bounce Squad. He has also shot a pilot for Disney. He is also started singing and rapping and has begun recording his first demo.

4. How did Amyrh enjoy filming Flavor of Love?
He loved working with Flavor Flav, especially jumping on him and yelling “Flavor FLAV”!!!!

5. How big is Amyrh’s role in Land of the Lost?
We aren’t sure yet, alot of the scene they shot was cut, due to technical reasons.

6. How does Amyrh react to seeing himself on television?
Amyrh gets shy, excited, happy, quiet all at the same time.

7. Who has been his favorite person to work with?
Flavor Flav

8. Did he ever spend time behind the scenes with other kids?
Yeah, depending on the set. Some sets Amyrh has a private waiting area and other sets the kids all wait together. But Amyrh is a people person and prefers to hang out with everybody.

9. Does Amyrh prefer making movies or doing a show?
Amyrh doesn’t really have a preference. He just likes being on set and having fun.

10. How old was Amyrh when he decided that he wanted to perform?
Amyrh is a natural performer, who love to entertain his friends and family. He’s been performing since he could walk.

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