1. What show/movie has Alina enjoyed working on the most?
Definitely this movie (The Spy Next Door). Since she is filming for two months, she has a real chance to make close friends and learn so much. She also loved working on “Outnumbered”. They really allowed her to be herself, so she felt comfortable and had a great deal of fun on that, too.

2. How is Alina enjoying working with Jackie Chan on his new movie?
She’s enjoying it very much. He and his crew are great and amazing to watch. She’s having fun with him, as well as with Madeline and Will.

3. How is Alina liking being on set with Jackie Chan?
Jackie is a very nice man who likes to play with the kids. He tries to keep Alina entertained between takes, and she loves it! He flies her around in his arms just to get her to set sometimes.

4. With Mr. Foley being Canadian, does Alina book jobs just in the U.S. or does she also try out for roles in Canada too?
So far, Alina has only worked in the U.S. If the opportunity arose for her to shoot in Canada, I’m sure she’d enjoy it – especially if it were in Toronto, where her brothers and other family live. We certainly don’t rule out the possibility.

5. How did Alina enjoy the Power of Youth Event awhile back?
Alina had a great time at the event. I explained what the event was for and she felt good about helping to raise money for sick children. Even now, when she sees a commercial for St. Jude’s, she will comment on it and talk about the event. I think her favorite part was meeting the Target dog!

6. Who does she like most on the set of the movie?
I have to say, she loves all her new friends and getting to spend time with them.

7. Who was her favorite person to work with on set of Days of our Lives?
She loved Drake Hogestyn, of course. But she and Brandon Beemer also enjoyed a special relationship. They both played with her a lot.

8. Has Alina ever watched any of her dad’s shows or movies?
Absolutely! She has seen “A Bug’s Life” and “Sky High”, as well as bits of “Kids in the Hall” and some TV guest appearances. She loves to see him on screen and feels very proud when she does. She tells people all the time that her daddy is “Flik”.

9. How does Alina react to seeing herself on television?
She really enjoys it, actually. She thinks she sounds funny and used to say that “Claire” had an accent. She also remembers details about what she was thinking at the time, or what was going on that day.

10. What was her favorite part about working on Days of our Lives?
The executive producer, Ed Scott, used to let her pick a stuffed animal after nearly every day at work. That was definitely her favorite part.

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