1. Is there anything different about the girls that’ll help the fans tell them apart?:
There is not much differences in apprearance. Ava does talk more then Olivia. She is starting to say Da Da to Shawn and Phillip and Ma Ma to Belle. Olivia loves Victor, Shawn and esp. Phillip! She practically jumps out my arms to go to them. Ava does so to Belle.

2. Which girl did the first days of our lives scene?:
Olivia was 1st to be on screen

3. Are the cast member’s able to tell the girls apart?:
No the cast members are not able to tell them apart. They always say “Hi Ava” and is it Olivia! Very funny! Sometimes the men have a hint when Olivia wants to go to them!

4. Have the girls seen themselves on tv? If so how have they reacted?:
Yes the girls see themselves on tv. On Days and What About Brian. They stop, look and smile. Then when the characters come on they say Da Da and Ma Ma.

And here’s another cute tidbit the White Family shared with us:
Ava loves to pretend to cook. Stirs the bowl, sips the drink etc.
Olivia loves books! She will be content to just sit and read the book for a long while.

The love their wagon and love to hug each other and hold hands. Very sweet spirits!

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