George Juarez took over the role of Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital in 2005. It was at first believed he was still Jake Simms with darker hair, but it was quickly clear this was a new child in the role. At first George was throwing in his own lines relevant to the scenes, he was never given any in scripts. As he got older, he began receiving lines from the show and having conversations with fellow actors in the scenes. He often would be seen sharing his scenes with Dylan Cash who played his older brother Michael. George’s airtime decreased significantly after Dylan left the show and Michael was put into a coma. George last aired in 2009 when the show aged Morgan to a teenager along with Kristina and Molly.

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  • General Hospital…Morgan Corinthos…(2005-2009)
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    • Attended the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards with the cast

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