In 2002 Dylan Cash took over the role of Michael Corinthos on General Hospital when the character was aged. Prior to joining the soap Dylan had been seen on Kids Say the Darnedest Things and in multiple commercials to which he was seen in over sixty national commercials during his career. Dylan’s run on General Hospital lasted six years seeing Michael grow from a child into a young teenager. He was involved in multiple storylines over the years in his 250+ episodes, and placed on contract in 2005. In 2008 however the show decided to release him upon deciding to write the character off in a coma from a gunshot wound. Dylan returned for a holiday episode as Michael’s parents visited him in the care facility, and that would be his last appearance before the character returned to the canvas much older.

Outside of the soap Dylan’s credits include episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Malcolm in the Middle, and The Bill Engvall Show. He also worked on films including Opposite Day and The Polar Express.

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  • Opposite Day…Chaz…(2009)
  • Shark Bait…Young Percy…(2006)
  • The Cat That Looked At A King…Boy…(2004)
  • Fat Albert…Emmitt…(2004)
  • The Polar Express…Boy…(2004)
  • Bad Santa…Kid on Bike…(2003)
  • All You Need…Dylan Rempley…(2001)
  • Field Guild to North American Monsters…Boy Scout


  • Common Law…Mason…(2012)
  • General Hospital…Michael Corinthos…252+ Episodes…(2002-2008)
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles…Byron…(2008)
  • The Bill Engvall Show…6th Grade Boy…(2007)
  • Judging Amy…James Garrison…(2003)
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch…Billy…(2003)
  • The Division…Noah…(2003)
  • Malcolm in the Middle…Kid #2…(2002)
  • Family Affair…Jackson
  • Apple Valley Knights…Wyatt…(2002)
  • Kids Say the Darndest Things…Self…(2000)
  • The Lil Homies…Ralphy


  • AAA Insurance
  • ADT Security Systems
  • Auto Dealers of America
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Energizer
  • Farmer’s Insurance
  • Fuji Film
  • Hardee’s
  • JC Penny
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • KB
  • Marshalls
  • Mastercard
  • McDonalds
  • Motel 6
  • Pledge
  • PNC Bank
  • Prop 10
  • Quaker
  • Quest
  • Sarjento Foods
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Triminic
  • Tyson Foods

Quick Facts

  • Born November 30 1994
  • Full name is Dylan Joseph Cash
  • Youngest actor to be placed on contract with a daytime soap at the time
  • Has appeared in over 60 national commercials
  • Founded Poolside Production in 2010
  • Graphic novel author

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