Edward and James Nigbor took over the role of Jacob Webber on General Hospital in 2007. While the boys are easy to tell apart being fraternal twins with different shades of blonde hair they continued to play the role for three years seeing Jake age from an infant to a preschooler. Edward and James left the role in 2010 when Jake was killed off in a hit and run. General Hospital was not Edward and James’ only soap however. They did double duty playing the role of Jack Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2009, but only appeared in a couple of episodes before being recast and the character was aged.

Edward and James left the business after Jake was killed off on General Hopsital, but when the show decided to re-write that storyline and make it that Jake was alive still James returned to the show. Not only did he reprise his role at the time, but he began getting back into auditioning and filmed for Conan. After several months of being back on General Hospital the show decided to recast the role. Since leaving the soap, James has been seen on the online soap opera The Bay.

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  • General Hospital…Jacob Spencer…(2007-2016)
  • Conan…(2015)
  • The Bold and the Beautiful…Jack Marone…(2009)
  • Unhitched…Baby
  • Web

  • The Bay…Unknown…(2017)
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    • Have a younger sister

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