Amanda Miranda and Marissa Jones played the role of Jake Webber on the General Hopsital spin off series General Hospital: Night Shift which aired on SoapNet. They were originally brought in to film the promos for the episode featuring Jake, but ended up shooting the episode’s scenes as well. Outside of the show the girls also did episodes of Gilmore Girls and The Apostles.

While the girls left the business as babies, they continue to have a creative outlet, playing their own instruments and singing. Together Amanda, Miranda and Maryssa formed the band The Triple Trigers and actively post videos to their social media accounts.

Written by Star-Kidz Staff



  • The Apostles…Baby…(2008)
  • General Hospital: Night Shift…Jacob Spencer…(2007)
  • Gilmore Girls…Baby…(2007)
  • Quick Facts

    • Have an older sister Savannah
    • Created their own band The Triple Triggers

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    Amanda’s IMDB / Miranda’s IMDB / Maryssa’s IMDB / Facebook / YouTube

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