Michael Leone began appearing as Cameron Webber on General Hospital in February of 2013. He was thought to be recast later that summer when another actor was seen in the role for two episodes, however he soon returned to the show and has been playing the part ever since. In the fall of 2013 Michael found himself in the beginning of a love triangle storyline with his co-stars Brooklyn and Nicolas who play Emma and Spencer. The storyline took off in the winter of 2014 and Michael was seen in episodes frequently during that time period. After that storyline died down Michael unfortunately began being seen less and less as Cameron, only having a handful of episodes a year.

Prior to joining the cast of General Hospital Michael had worked on numerous projects. His first role was in the short film When You Find Me and he also appeared in an episode of Up All Night. He has been lucky to work often with his siblings as well doing multiple films alongside his twin sister Caitlyn Leone and he and his older brother Brian have filmed several commercials together. In the spring of 2014 Michael was seen on the big screen as the son of Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Drew in the comedy Mom’s Night Out and he also played the role of Nathan Chambers in the 2017 film Be Afraid.

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  • Be Afraid…Nathan Chambers…(2017)
  • Mr. Church…Student Michael…(2016)
  • The 46 Percenters…Cole…(2015)
  • #AmeriCan…Bryce Mitchell…(2014)
  • Moms’ Night Out…Brandon…(2014)
  • The Dog Who Saved Easter…Ben Bannister…(2014)
  • All I Want For Christmas…Max…(2013)
  • She Wants Me…Noah…(2012)
  • When You Find Me…Sam…(2011)


  • General Hospital…Cameron Webber…(2013-present)
  • CSI: Cyber…Luke…(2015)
  • The Comeback Kids…9 Year Old Richie…(2014)
  • How I Met Your Mother…Kid #1…(2013)
  • Up All Night…Sal…(2012)


  • Mercedes
  • Neosporin
  • Purina
  • Walmart

Voice Over

  • Clarence…Asian Kid…(2014)
  • Walking With Dinosaurs 3D…Dinosaur ID Card…(2013)
  • The Tale of The Princess Kaguya…Villager…(2013)


Quick Facts

  • Born June 01 2005
  • Has a twin sister Caitlyn and older brother Brian

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