Braden Walkes first appeared as Cameron Webber on General Hospital in 2006 after the character had not been seen since the previous year. He actually was not in the industry when he booked the role but rather auditioned with the encouragement of neighbor and future on-screen mother Becky Herbst. From that point on he enjoyed every minute on set, often working with his ‘little brothers’ Edward and James Nigbor. He enjoyed working with his on-screen parents and would constantly look for Greg Vaughn when he got to the GH studio when Greg played his father.

Braden filmed a big storyline where his character set fire to his house and while on set from cast and crew to his own parents….Braden recieved numerous talks about how wrong it is to do this at home and how its only for pretend right now. In 2010, Braden filmed a commercial for “Old Navy” and in 2012 he aired in his final episode of General Hospital after playing Cameron for six years. The role was later recast in 2013 when they decided to de-age the character.

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  • General Hospital…Cameron Webber…(2006-2012)


  • Old Navy


Quick Facts

  • Born September 09 2003
  • Neighbors with Becky Herbst

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