Garrett, Spencer and Mitchell Fraye have been on television since before they were born. Their birth was documented by the Discovery Health Channel. As infants, they shot scenes for the 2001 movie “I Am Sam” but unfortunately their scenes did not make it into the final production. The boys shot their first episode of “Days of our Lives” in mid-2001 when the Christy twins called in sick. They became recurring in the character of ‘Isaac Carver’ in August of 2001. The boys continued in the role even through many changes including a name change for the character. Their character was now named ‘Zack Brady.’ Their time on “Days” came to an abrupt halt when the character was tragically killed off in early 2006.

In 2004, the boys shot the pilot episode of “Big Love.” Shortly after leaving “Days” the show was picked up and the boys continued on that show through to the end of its run in March, 2011. The boys have come back to “Days” for a few episodes in dreams and visions and currently have been focusing their attention on music with their bands March 4th, alongside big sister Lynnzee, and My Native Tongue.

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  • Fun With Dick and Jane…Unknown…(2005)
  • I Am Sam…Baby Lucy Dawnson…(2002)
  • Television

  • Big Love…Raymond Henrickson/Wayne Henrickson…(2006-2011)
  • Days Of Our Lives…Zack Brady…(2001-2009)
  • The Mind of the Married Man…Bobby Barnes…(2001)
  • Appearances

  • Day of Days…(2011)

    Quick Facts

    • Born March 04 2000
    • Have an older sister named Lynnzee who also appeared on Days
    • Spencer and Garrett are Identical
    • Had their hair dyed brown for Days
    • Named their band March 4th after their birthday shared with bandmates

    Official Links

    Facebook / Garrett’s IMDB / Spencer’s IMDB / Mitchell’s IMDB

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