Ailish and Julia O’Connor were born on July 17, 2008. The girls portrayed ‘Grace’ on “Days of Our Lives” for a month in 2009 before the character was killed off in a tear-jerker storyline. Shortly after signing with agents at the age of 6 months, the girls booked a print job with Infantino. Their first television role was for a pilot called “Oops!” and soon after began working as ‘baby Sophie’ on the ABC show “In the Motherhood.”

After their work on “Days” had come to an end, the girls booked the role of ‘Nell Henrickson’ on the 4th season of “Big Love.” The girls also shot an episode of “Modern Family” with their mom. While working on “Big Love,” the girls got along great with the Gallardo-Kent twins. They have also played the baby sister to Bella Thorne twice! Off-screen, the girls are good friends with the Randazzo twins.

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  • Big Love…Nell Henrickson…(2009)
  • Modern Family…Baby…(2009)
  • Days Of Our Lives…Grace Brady…(2009)
  • In The Motherhood…Sophie…(2009)


  • Infantino

    Quick Facts

    • Born July 17 2008

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    Ailish’s IMDB / Max’s IMDB

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