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Jared Breeze played the role of Max Rayburn on The Young and the Restless. This year he has been busy working on Critical Mass and Another Period!

1. What was it like working on a project with your younger brother?

Of course working with my brother was fun, but there was always a little competitive feeling in the air, as we both tried to out do each other.

2. Do you have a favorite location you got to film at for your film The Boy?

I loved filming in Medellin, Columbia but around the motel set, which was a three hour car drive to the north in the idyllic town of Antioquia, my favorite place was the small hut with Sammy the bunny (named by yours truly).

3. What was your first day at Y&R like?

Honestly the first day I was really only feeling ecstatic and then on the second day I started felling a little intimidated because all the actors there were so talented and established.

4. What was the best part of filming with Aidan Clark?

It was really cool having another kid on the set. Most of the other actors were adults. So we got to play around a bit. Much to the dismay of the adults.

5. How did you enjoy working with Michael E. Knight?

He was such a funny and enthusiastic dude and I think that his personality carried over onto everyone working with him.

6. What was your time on set like filming Feud?

It was as if I had stepped into a time machine. Every actor was wearing something from the 1930s and it was so fun just to look in the mirror and see myself wearing mustered colored pants.

7. What was the experience like working with Susan Sarandon?

It was a learning experience because she was such a good actress just being in her presence helped me get better. Kiernan Shipka was really nice, too. Very fun to work with.

8. Do you have a favorite part of attending the YEA Awards?

Since I didn’t win, the best thing was going to the Universal Park afterwards. But seriously, I really had fun doing all the interviews on the red carpet.

9. How did it feel to be nominated?

I felt really exited I got nominated and it warmed me up inside.

10. What else have you been up to this year?

You mentioned the pilot for the National Geographic channel “Critical Mass” and FEUD. In addition I also filmed an episode for Another Period on Comedy Central, which will air early next year. You will not guess, which historical figure I played!

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