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Matilda Ashby

This Year At Star-Kidz!

Happy New Year! 2017 has come to a close and what a busy year it has been. New kids on the soaps, many busy with exciting new projects, and even a couple of staff adventures. It is time to enjoy our annual year end video and take a look back at some of the highlights of 2017!

It’s Christmas!

McKenna Roberts played the role of Matilda Ashby on The Young and the Restless. This year she has been seen in the Red Nose Day special, and has been busy filming her film Skyscraper in Canada!

1. What was the best part of shooting for Skechers?

Playing with the other kids.

2. How did you enjoy filming Project: Puppies for Christmas?

It was a good learning experience for me and I was happy it filmed in my hometown.

3. Did you get to work with any dogs for the film? If so what was it like?

Not actually but I was in the same scene with one of the puppies and I did get to play and take pics with this adorable pup behind the scenes.

4. What was the experience like doing voice over work for Fitbit?

Fitbit was my first VO audition ever and I was so surprised that I booked it! I had been training for awhile and it was so exciting to be working with this top brand. and let’s just say I love being in the booth!

5. What was your time on set like filming your last episode of Y&R?

It was a good day, I was always happy when Y&R called me in to film again. I didn’t know this was gonna be my last episode or I would’ve grabbed a few extra hugs Lol! But looking back, I’m happy I got to work with such an awesome cast for such a long time. Everyone was always so kind to me. I considered them like my second family and I truly miss them all!

6. How did you enjoy working with Mishael Morgan?

I loved working with Mishael she is a really super nice lady and has the most adorable baby!

7. What was it like working with Brandin Stennis for the Christmas episodes?

I liked working with Brandin, he was a cool kid and he made me laugh with lots of funny jokes.

8. Do you keep in touch with any of the kids from Y&R?

Yes I do, from time to time I may run into Aly Lind and talk to Aiden Clark on the phone. We try to keep up with each other on social media to.

9. How do you enjoy getting to travel for work?

I love traveling, sometimes its a lot of back and forth for auditions to LA but I enjoy being on the road. This year I traveled to Vancouver, Canada and spent 3 1/2 months filming Skyscraper and I really enjoyed that!

10. Can you tell us anything about your new film Skyscraper?

Oh this film is gonna be a hit! I play Georgia. You will see lots of action and seat gripping moments! It’s was the best experience of my acting career this far. I worked with a lot of incredibly talented & genuinely kind people, producers, directors, cast & crew were all so awesome! Not bad for a kids 1st movie “Eh”. Be on the look out for when the trailer drops and “Skyscraper” comes out in theatres July 2018 so stay tuned!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to Star-Kidz for all your support. Wishing you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

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