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Christian Newman

It’s Christmas!

Jude and Ozzy McGuigan play the role of Christian on The Young and The Restless. This year they have been busy working on the soap.

1. How did Jude and Ozzy enjoy dressing up for the Halloween episode?

It was a little tricky to get them into the costumes but then they liked running around with Gunner and Ryder and yelling “I robot! I bad guy!” Plus, there was a lot of candy on set that day, that is always a nice treat for them.

2. How do you pass time with the boys between scenes

I always bring another adult and we tend to keep the boys separated once the “work” time starts. The working twin has quiet activities like books or a puzzle, or we take a walk around the sets and look at the new scenery. The waiting twin I usually keep active- walking or running the long hallway outside the sets or even a little walk outside. That way if we have to switch, the one that’s been waiting is (hopefully!) ready to sit still and quiet for taping.

3. What is a typical work day like at the studio for them?

If things are running right on schedule then I just get one (or both) of them dressed and ready. If there’s time before their scenes they love to visit the school room and play a bit in there (especially if it’s a day Aly is on set!). If it’s going to be awhile before they tape I like to take them outside in the fresh air and then get into costume closer to their scene. They’re two, so even with double the wardrobe I tend to wait, because they really are great at getting messy. The stage manager comes up when they are one scene away and we go down for rehearsal. Then they tape, rehearse, tape, etc. I always bring way more food and snacks just in case I need to keep them occupied. If there are other kids working that day we all kind of hang out together.

4. Are any of the cast able to tell the boys apart?

Yes, Joshua can definitely tell them apart. Their personalities are pretty different! The crew can usually tell too.

5. Have they ever been recognized in public for being on Y&R?

Not yet!

6. How do the boys enjoy working with Ryder and Gunner Gadbois?

They look up to them- Jude especially is fascinated by older boys and trying to get in on whatever action they have going. We’ve been working the same days with them a lot- they’re a great family.

7. What is it like filming with Joshua Morrow?

He’s like the toddler whisperer. He’s got a very easy, natural way of being that all the kids respond to. Ozzy in particular is very fond of him, and no matter how fussy he has been throughout the day, once we get to set, I know I can pass him off to Joshua and he’ll turn into the chillest kid. Both the twins love him.

8. What is the best part of working with Melissa Claire Egan?

She is so great with kids, so kind, and warm. Even when she is primarily holding “Connor” she has an intuitive way of bringing the boys together. She makes them look like a family.

9. Is there anyone in the cast they haven’t gotten to work with yet that you’d like to see them film with?

I love when they work with Christian’s extended family- Melissa Ordway and Amelia Heinle have been so incredibly nice. And I wouldn’t mind working with Sharon again- the twins really connected to her.

10. Do you have a favorite episode Jude and Ozzy have done this year?

This year has been much quieter than last year- more sweet family scenes, not so much drama. But it’s always a fun day on set.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We just feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the Y&R family. We couldn’t ask for a better cast, crew, or fans!