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This week’s nominees are here! It is a double awardz week with voting for Favorite Interview and Favorite Guest Star (Soap) posted. The Favorite interview is based upon interviews conducted during the nominee period while the soap guest star award focuses on those who have done an episode or multiple episodes of the soap however not appearing as a regular character. Get your votes in Sunday by clicking here!

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Star-Kidz is celebrating 11 Years Online today, we can’t believe it! We would like to thank everyone for another fun year of support, site visits, gallery views, and everything you do to help keep this site going. We look forward to seeing what the next year brings, and our site anniversary of course isn’t over without a way to celebrate. This year we thought it would be fun to have an online dance party so make sure to check out the fun video below and everyone who sent in their clips, make sure to watch until the end as we added in a third song:

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Jan 1st

Happy New Year! 2017 has come to a close and what a busy year it has been. New kids on the soaps, many busy with exciting new projects, and even a couple of staff adventures. It is time to enjoy our annual year end video and take a look back at some of the highlights of 2017!

Dec 24th

Cameron Seely played the role of Mary Gaffigan on The Jim Gaffigan Show. This year she has been seen for Hanna Andersson, Garnet Hill, and her film The Greatest Showman is currently in theatres!

1. What was one of the coolest things you’ve done for an audition?

The coolest things I’ve ever done for an audition are getting to eat ice cream and riding around on a scooter.

2. What was the best part of being back on set for Garnet Hill for a new shoot?

I enjoyed being back on set for Garnet Hill because it’s always fun to see old friends.

3. Do you have a favorite outfit you got to model for Hanna Andersson this year?

I always love to model the Hanna pajamas because they are so comfortable!

4. What was your experience like working on The Greatest Showman?

Working on The Greatest Showman was one of the best experiences of my life. The people were so fun and nice. I made friends that I will have forever.

5. How did you react when you found out you booked the role?

I was very excited when I booked the role, but I had no idea how great it was going to be.

6. What was the best part of working with Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Jackman was super nice and funny. He played games with me in between takes and made even long working days fun.

7. What was it like to film with Michelle Williams?

Michelle was the nicest, sweetest person I’ve ever met. She loved to play games with me too and always made sure I was happy.

8. How did you enjoy traveling to Los Angeles with Skylar and Austyn?

Going to LA with Austyn and Skylar was super fun. I hiked up to the Hollywood sign with Austyn and went to the Hollywood walk of fame with Skylar and we all hung out in the pool after shooting.

9. What was it like to do voice over work for the film?

ADR for the film was fun because I got to see some of the finished scenes. I also got to lay down on the floor for some of it because I was in bed for the actual scene and my voice needed to sound right.

10. Is there a favorite scene you got to film that you can’t wait for fans to see?

All I’ll say is the tree scene 🙂

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Dec 23rd

Declan Mueller played the role of Joseph Gaffigan in season two of The Jim Gaffigan Show. This year he has been seen in an episode of Odd Mom Out, and did shoots for KidBox and Target!

1. What was Declan’s first day on set for The Jim Gaffigan Show like?

Declan’s first day ever working with the Gaffigans was on location; all outdoors: stills and a time-lapse sequence. it was freezing out! It was a neat day and everyone was wonderful. His first day at the studio was pretty thrilling, too. Just an overall outstanding experience from first day to last, mainly because of great people, from Jeannie and Jim on down the line.

2. How did he enjoy filming with Caitlin Moeller?

Caitlin’s sweet! She was very kind to Declan- all of the children were most welcoming to Declan.

3. What was it like to film on location for the show?

One of the great things about The Jim Gaffigan Show is that it is authentic New York, so every little street scene, restaurant scene, you name it…it’s all the real deal. It was fun for Declan to see some new places but also fun to visit some familiar places in a more official capacity.

4. How did Declan enjoy shooting for Target?

Declan’s been lucky enough to have been asked to shoot as the principal for some pretty high-profile campaigns for some famous brands (Gap, Adidas, etc.). However, his recent small role for Target may actually be what has most resonated with him- due to the fact that it is the first thing that actually came out since he started school and also since he shops at Target at all the time!

5. What was Declan’s shoot for Kidbox like?

Kidbox is the best! Great company doing good things. That was a very busy time for Declan as they shot their back-to-school, fall and winter campaigns in one week! It was a really outstanding crew and the other models were really cool so the time went quickly.

6. How does it feel seeing his photos popping up all over their website?

Seeing a new image of Declan pop up unexpectedly in an advertisement is certainly a great way to start a day. Kidbox definitely got bang for their buck with Declan; he’s a principal in their advertisements, their mailers, their website, their social media and even their app. It’s a lot of fun.

7. What was the experience like filming his episode of Odd Mom Out?

Odd Mom Out was a great experience! Jill Kargman is awesome. The stars of the show were hilarious and very kind, the other kids were sweet and, coincidentally, it was a simple commute because that episode just happened to be shot on location in Declan’s very small, very out-of-the-way hometown!

8. Has he seen his part of the episode on TV? If so how did he react?

Declan does enjoy checking out the work he’s done and enjoyed that episode a great deal.

9. Who have been some of your favorite people that Declan has worked with this year?

Declan appears in the pilot for the new Tracy Morgan show that will air next spring and it was neat to get to see him work.

A huge thrill for Declan was getting to spend time on set with his older brother Dylan as they filmed for The Land of Steady Habits. They’re best friends and great brothers to one another so it was a total joy to be on camera together in a major motion picture. They’re bit players, but both brothers were most flattered to have been asked to appear together and are really grateful for that unique opportunity.

10. Is there anything you can share about Declan’s role in the film A Kid Like Jake?

It isn’t major, but it’s an important film for a variety of reasons so he’s proud to be a part of it and, as his family, we’re really proud of that fact, too.

11. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and thanks to the good folks at Star-Kidz for always being so good to Declan!

Dec 20th

Belle Smith was seen in a season one episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show. This year she has been seen in episodes of Bull, I Witness, and you may recognize her from her recurring role on Vinyl!

1. What was it like filming your episode of I, Witness?

It was great! We all had fun! We filmed in a big office with my Latino family and Kai who is the lead role. They were all fun to be with. The production staff gave me and my TV brother toys to play with on set. In my scene, Kai handed me the stuffed dog. I played with that stuffed dog on and off camera and almost took it home with me.

2. What was the experience like working on Law & Order: SVU?

It was all fun for me. We went to this beautiful big building in New York City near the water and a park. We meet some of the cast there like Ice -T and Kelli Giddish. The filming was on the playground and I got to play with the other kids. It did not feel like working at all. My favorite part is playing on the swing.

3. How did you enjoy filming the movie Rough Night?

I had the best time filming Rough Night because I was with my friend Callie and we both had so much fun playing in the playground, running around, playing in the swing and slides both on and off camera. We also had fun going to the crafty services with all the candies and sweets they had. I feel that the only time I had to do acting was when I run to our pretend teacher played by Jilliann Bell. There was another scene when Jillian Bell picked me up and carried me on her arms but that part did not make the cut. The best part also was that some of the production staff were the same people I worked with on VINYL.

4. What was your time on set like filming Bull?

It was awesome! We filmed on the roof top of the building overlooking Central Park. The scene was my birthday party. The place was so beautiful and the decorations were fascinating. I love the light blue and white unicorn cake and also the unicorn cookies. There were so many balloons, gifts, and so many kids too! During breaks, I played with Lori and the other kids. We played with my ipad. I love and enjoyed my time on set filming BULL.

5. How did you enjoy having your Mom play your Mom?

I love it! It feels so natural acting my part having my real mom played my TV mom. It is unforgettable to me because I was the one who convinced my mom to do it. I asked her to audition with me. She didn’t want to do it at first. I’m very happy she did it.

6. What was it like to work on a NYC rooftop for the scene?

It was magical! You look down and everything looks small. The people and the cars look very small. When you look straight, you see the beautiful buildings of NYC and when you look up, it feels like you can touch the sky.

7. How did you enjoy working with Bobby Cannavale on Vinyl?

I love working with Bobby Cannavale . He was very nice to me and always talk to me when I was on set. As soon as he sees me, he calls my name “Belle” and always talk to me for a minute or two. He made me feel important and comfortable on set. I played his daughter and that was an amazing experience for me. In 1 of the episode which my mom said was a very emotional one, I saw him preparing for it while I’m on my way to the door after filming my part. Bobby saw me, he stopped what he was doing and talk to me before I left. It’s so awesome working with him. He is kind and nice to everyone. Before we finish filming, he wrote me a note on my diary and he also signed my pink guitar.

8. What was it like filming with Olivia Wilde?

I love working with Olivia Wilde. She was nice and friendly. I believe she likes carrying me on her arms. She did it on couple of our scenes and also when we took pictures together . Since I played her daughter, most of my scenes were with her. We always sit next to each other during hair and make up. It was a nice experience working with her.

9. Do you have a favorite scene you filmed for the series?

I filmed 8 out of 10 episodes and I love them all because each one is a unique experience but my favorite one is the first episode when I was sleeping on Olivia Wilde’s lap. That is so special because that was my very first acting experience on TV.

10. What has been your favorite project to work on this year?

Bull is a favorite because my TV mom was my real mom and because I got to celebrate my 8th birthday on TV. I also love my Print booking for Boscov’s because it was on my birthday. Thanks to my awesome Agent Renee Lauren.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Recently, I was given the opportunity to work with Shadow Magic director Ann Hu and TV shows like Billions, The Americans and Escape at Dannemora. Thank you Star Kidz for all the support and for including me here.

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Dec 14th

Dylan Mueller is Declan’s older brother. This year he has been seen in episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, worked on a film, and been busy raising money for the Matthew Fetzer Foundation!

1. What was your first day on set like for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

It was incredible! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes place in New York in the late 1950s so being there really was like stepping out of a time machine. Everything, from the cars on the street to all of the old-timey clothes was spot on. Plus, we filmed at Morningside Heights up near Columbia University which looks so old-timey to begin with.

2. How did you enjoy returning for a second episode?

It was flattering because they called personally to ask if I was interested in coming back. I guess I did something right! I got to hang out near Rachel Brosnahan a lot, which was special. She’s Midge Maisel. She was really cool and nice to me.

3. What was it like getting dressed up in 1950s clothes to film?

Hot! A little too hot, actually! We filmed in New York in the summer wearing period clothing for New York in the winter so I was wearing plenty of wool and tweed. They were good about keeping us cooled off with drinks and things and it was fun to dress up- they even gave me a closely-cropped 1950s-style haircut.

4. What was it like meeting Jameel Warney of the Team USA basketball team?

Jameel Warney is not famous…yet. But he is a total winner and he will be playing in the NBA some time soon. He is the greatest player ever to play for Stony Brook University, which is on Long Island and one of my father’s alma maters. He is also a really nice guy who even donated to my Wrestle for a Cure charity to Pin Cancer. That was really thoughtful.

5. Do you have a favorite thing that you’ve gotten to do at an audition this year?

I hope this is okay to say, but to tell you the truth, I never really go on auditions and neither does Declan. Not often. We pretty much have been lucky enough to have been asked to do some things this past year so we did them when the project was a good fit. So, while we know we may never be huge stars if we continue doing it this way, it is flattering to know that some people have found us pleasant to work with and have wanted to have us around for things. I’m grateful.

6. If you could work on a project anywhere in the world where would you like it to be?

I’ve never been out of the United Sates, so something in Europe or Hawaii would be a dream come true.

7. What inspired you to run a lemonade stand in support of the Matthew Fetzer Foundation?

Thanks for asking! Not sure how that all started, but I’ve really just been trying to all the good I can ever since I was old enough to talk and walk. I think we all should. The lemonade stand isn’t just any lemonade stand either – it’s raised many thousands of dollars for charity since I’ve been doing it and I’m proud of all of the good it’s been able to do and thankful for the generosity of others.

8. Can you tell us more about the charity?

Matthew Fetzer was a boy who lived near our community a while back. He was extremely sick for most of his life and spent a lot of time in cancer wards of special hospitals with a lot of other sick, usually terminally ill kids. His goal was that when he got better, he wanted to start a program that could maybe give those kids a break and make them happy for a little while. He died when he was ten, before he got the chance to do it, but his parents made his idea into a reality. They distribute toys; host parties, host ice cream sundae parties, and provide financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families. I never knew Matthew but I feel as though I did. I’m a cross country runner and their fundraiser 5K is always my favorite event of the year to compete in because of the good the proceeds do. His parents and their colleagues are doing some great things. Learn more at:

I have also been a wrestler for a long time and for the past two seasons I have been working to Wrestle For A Cure through Pin Cancer, a really great organization that uses the platform of the great sport of wrestling to raise awareness and funds to support patient care and research initiatives at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Last year I was a top five fundraiser in the country. All goes to help kids battling cancer- one of the best causes I can imagine. Please consider helping me help children battling cancer, or at least share this with others:

9. How did you enjoy filming with Declan for The Land of Steady Habits?

That really was a dream come true. I think I told you last year that my goals in entertainment were to one day appear in a film with my brother and also to voice a cool cartoon character. I could never have imagined that it would take place so soon, if ever! Everyone on that set was so wonderful and I’m so excited about its release.

10. Is there anything else you can share about your part in the film?

It’s a really character-driven adult movie so, seeing as how I’m not an adult and I’m not one of the four main characters, my part is obviously not major. But it seems as though it’s a special movie and it is definitely made by special people and I am so proud to have been a part of it. Nicole Holofcener is really smart and kind and it seems as though she’s made a lot of good movies in the past so I’m grateful to have been a part of all that. She was so down-to-earth and even though she was in charge of everything, she made a lot of time for talking with Declan and me and really treated us like stars- which we really aren’t. But we were the only children. I really liked her.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Happy holidays to everyone! Do all the good you can! Thanks to the Star-Kidz peeps for always being nice to Declan and me and including us in the fun stuff you do.

Dec 1st

Our December COTM has been chosen! This month we have selected Cameron Seely for the spotlight spot as her film The Greatest Showman hits theatres on Dec. 20th! This month she can also be seen for Garnett Hill and their winter/holiday collection.

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