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It’s New Years Eve!

Everleigh McDonell is related to Asher and Brayden who did an episode of General Hospital. This year she was seen on screen in a Skinnypop Commercial and American Portrait Documentary!

1. How did Everleigh get started in the industry?

Everleigh pretty much came out performing. She was such a good baby, so happy and FUNNY since day one. It seemed like she was made for entertaining, so we got her an agent!

2. What was her first booking?

She did a little Mother’s Day campaign for Olloclip when she was 1 and had so much fun!

3. How did she enjoy filming her music video for Maisy Kay?

Everleigh: It was so fun! I had to wake up really early! Also, I did makeup. I had to go into the forest that was raining. Then, it was super super super duper fun when I saw Shadow, the wolf. I had to look in his eyes. Maisy was singing and looked pretty.

Mom: That ended up being the coolest experience. We really didn’t know what we were in for that day. All we knew as that there would be a wolf involved (with trainers, on a leash, etc.). Everleigh wound up filming a full day, deep in a forest during a rainstorm. KavanTheKid, the director, does amazing, super creative work, and I was so excited for Everleigh to be a part of one of his videos. He was great with her! When they brought the wolf out, we were all a little nervous; everyone except Everleigh! She had no problem walking right up to it, and taking direction so that she didn’t scare it by being upset or loud. It was pretty awesome to watch! Everleigh fell in love with Maisy Kay’s song for the video.

4. What was it like being involved in the American Portrait documentary?

It was great being a part of a collaboration for Sophia Kiapos. Everleigh had a great time making everyone on set laugh, and playing them a song on a nearby guitar!

5. What was Everleigh’s time on set like filming her Skinnypop commercial?

Everleigh: Skinnypop was my favorite! I had to go in a car. It was a lot of time in the car and the mom had to get hungry. She grabbed a bag of popcorn. I had to look at her like a crazy, funny way.

Mom: We are truly grateful to Everleigh’s agent for the Skinnypop experience! It was the first audition her commercial agent sent her on, and she booked it! When she found out, she ran around screaming with excitement. She can make some pretty crazy expressions, and that’s what she had to do for the commercial. She loved working! It was a wonderful first commercial experience, and Mama was really proud at how hard she worked!

6. How did she react seeing it for the first time?

Everleigh: It was so fun seeing me on TV!

Mom: Everleigh had the biggest grin on her face when she saw the commercial for the first time. She still talks about her day filming it all the time!

7. What was the experience like filming her episode of Fresh Off the Boat?

Everleigh: I got to meet new friends! I filmed at night when it was so dark.

Mom: That was really fun for Everleigh because it was a Halloween episode, and Halloween is Everleigh’s favorite holiday. Wardrobe chose a long, fancy gown for her to wear, and she felt so special. Seeing the cast and crew working on a night shoot was really cool. It definitely made her connect the dots between what she sees on tv and how things work behind the scenes. It made her that much more excited to audition and work!

8. What was her time on set like working on Mermaid?

Mermaids was great for experience. Everleigh had worked on two projects with the director before, and was asked back to work on Mermaids. She filmed multiple days, and being one on one with the director for parts of filming really taught her a lot.

9. Who have been some of her favorite people to work with so far?

Everleigh: Noelle! It was super fun with her! We had to say things after Noelle said things and go crazy when they told us to. Noelle dressed up and I said funny things to her. It was hilarious! I can’t wait to see her again and film a TV show with her!

Mom: Everleigh recently shot a pilot for a comedy affiliated with UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) with Noelle Lara. She had a blast and was really pumped up after that experience. When she was asked back to work with Noelle again in February, she had the biggest grin and was really happy! Everleigh truly enjoys comedy, and will be the first to tell you that she loves making people laugh. Meeting Noelle, and seeing her in action, really inspired Everleigh.

10. What has been Everleigh’s favorite project to work on?

Everleigh’s favorite project has been the Skinnypop commercial experience. Although, crazy as it sounds, she really loves auditioning! She is still only 5, and doesn’t see acting as something that has an end goal. She’s gotten really close to booking some really huge things recently, so we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds! When she gets an audition notice, she does the jig and can’t wait to go to L.A. She’s just now differentiating auditions from callbacks from bookings. Meeting new friends at auditions and during work days are an added bonus! Acting itself is her favorite “project” and she makes up scenes, giving Mommy lines all day long haha!

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It’s Christmas!

Ashley Gerasimovich is Alexa’s younger sister. This year she has been busy working on her series The Detour which will make its season three premiere January 23rd on TBS!

1. What was it like filming the second season of The Detour in New York?

I really liked it! It was really nice going home every night and hanging out in my own territory! I got to show everyone from LA how epic NYC is!

2. How did you enjoy working with James Cromwell?

James Cromwell was awesome! Everyone on set called him Jaime, and I really liked his nickname. I felt like it suited him. He was so fun, he would tell us stories about his life growing up!

3. What was it like filming with Jeffrey Vincent Parise?

Jeff was really fun to work with! He was so nice and very cool behind the scenes.

4. Do you have a favorite guest start to film with this season?

All the guest stars were great, I loved working with each and every one of them! One of my favorites has to be James Cromwell. He was so interesting to listen to! He told us what it was like filming “Babe”. He was really cool!

5. How did you prepare for your It’s Fun Being Weird performance?

I prepared by listening to the song over and over again until I memorized it. I showed my family how I would sing it, and made up a dance for it too!

6. What was the experience like filming the Cuba scenes for the season finale?

The actual location in the show was Cuba, but we filmed most of it in NY. Some of the show was filmed in Puerto Rico.

7. If you could film anywhere in the world for the show where would it be?

There are so many places that we can go! I love to travel and see the world! My mom would love to film in Hawaii!

8. What was your favorite scene to film for the season?

I have to say, the song “It’s Fun Being Weird” has got to be my favorite scene! I had so much fun, and it was such a new experience. I will never forget it.

9. What has the experience been like promoting for season three?

There are so many people just as pumped as I am about the premiere of Season 3! I love seeing all the new trailers and posters for the show, and all the fans saying how excited they are!

10. Is there anything you can preview for the upcoming season?

Well, Season 3 takes place in Alaska and that leads to all new adventures for The Parkers. There are new twists in Season 3! Make sure to watch!

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1 Day ‘Til Christmas

Londyn Silzer played the role of Bailey on General Hospital and Ava on The Young and The Restless. This year she was busy working for Discount Dance and Mattel!

1. What was it like shooting for Sacoor Brothers?

That was such a fun shoot. I went to Santa Barbara with my Mom and we shot at two beautiful locations with an amazing photographer John Russo. The clothes were really cute and we got to hula hoop!!

2. Do you have a favorite toy you’ve gotten to work with for Mattel?

I love working for Mattel and every time is always super fun and exciting. One of my favorite toys was the Barbie Dream House. It was really special because both me and my sister worked on the Dream House.

3. What was the best part of being on set again for General Hospital?

This was so cool because I got to play a friend of Charlotte’s and I loved my name Bailey! I loved being a part of Shriners Hospital Episode and working with some of the girls who have scoliosis like my character.

4. How did you enjoy working with Scarlett?

We had so much fun and got to be really silly and play together before they called action! One scene we were giggling the whole time but we got right back into the scene when it started!

5. What was the experience like filming with James and Emme?

They were both really nice and I had met Emme before when I would go with my sister to set when she worked. They are pretty funny too.

6. How did it feel to be able to be part of a story in support of Shriners Children’s Hospital?

It felt really great and special. We have a good friend at our dance studio who had surgery last year to help her scoliosis. She is doing great now and such a beautiful dancer. I am really grateful to Be a part of this show it means a lot to me and my family.

7. How did you enjoy attending this year’s GHFCW?

I have been attending with my sister since I was 3 and always so much fun. It is so cool to see so many fans of the show and loved sitting with my sister, Scarlett and Eden:)

8. What was the best part of filming with Grace Park on Hawaii Five-0?

Everything! We had so much fun. Playing around and being silly on set in the grocery store. She would hang out with me in between takes and I am thankful I was able to share some special scenes with Grace.

9. What was it like to film with Alex O’Loughlin?

Always fun! He has a really cool accent that I didn’t know because on the show he doesn’t! He always made me laugh and I loved being able to spend time with him during our scenes especially the Aloha Girl cookie scenes.

10. Do you have a favorite episode you got to do during your time on Hawaii 5-0?

It would have to be my very first episode. It was such a big and exciting and crazy episode! It is when the show met Sara and learned she was Chins Niece! Plus I got to fly to Hawaii for the first time and stay for 8 days!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am so grateful for such an exciting year! Thank you for all of your support and all of your kind words- my Mom let’s me know!

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3 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Abigail Eckstein is the younger sister of Alex, Ben and Caleb who played Spike on All My Children. This year she has been seen for Floatimini, Rookie USA, and more! Make sure to catch her in her game show with Ricky Gervais in January!

1. What was your time on set like shooting for Floatimini?

I had so much fun! I loved all of the bathing suits. Plus I got to shoot with a lot of fun girls and Elizabeth Pettey!

2. Do you have a favorite outfit you got to model for the shoot?

For the Floatimini shoot YES!! My favorite bathing suit was the purple & pink with flower print (it made one of Floatimini’s Instagram posts!)! I also liked the coverup dress that I wore! It was so pretty and comfortable.

3. What was your time on set like shooting for Haddad Brands/Rookie USA?

I really liked it and everyone was super nice. I shot 4 different looks with them and had fun with the boy I was shooting with! I got to take home one of the props from the set too!

4. What was the best part of working for Jack & Becky?

This was my first shoot with Sarifka (but not my last!!) The pajamas are super comfy – I got to keep a few!! But seriously though, there were a lot of other kids there and we did some fun and crazy photos! Lyric and I had a BLAST as the only two girls! Sarifka makes these a lot of fun too!

5. How did you enjoy shooting for Boscov’s?

I’ve had two shoots for Boscov’s already and spotted one of the photos in the Halloween ad while I was shopping with my mom! Both shoots I had so much fun with the other girls! (Being in a family with all brothers, this is always fun!) My first shoot my Grandma got to go with me and she liked one of the outfits so much she bought it for me! The second shoot was even more fun! The braided my hair so beautifully!! I got to wear holiday dresses and felt so pretty! Plus the purple (my dad’s favorite color) and black dress was called “Bonnie Jean” which is my mom’s name!! The photographer let me take photos with the item tag! These last pictures should be out for the holidays and I can’t wait to see them!

6. What was your shoot for Dacee Designs like?

Oh boy!! What a fun shoot! Between eating giant sized s’mores and a huge cup of hot cocoa to stepping INSIDE a bird cage with a parrot!! The bird flew all the way to the top of the room! In one shot, I had glitter stars all over my lips and couldn’t talk! Juliana, Brooklyn, myself and the other girls had a blast again with Sarifka!

7. How cool is it to have your image on package tags on coats at Costco for 32 Degrees?

Oh my gosh its so awesome! A lot of my friends and parent’s friends have seen them and told me about it or sent photos to my mom!

8. What is the best part of heading into NYC for auditions?

I really like having lines to work on and remember, its challenging and fun! I love running into actor and model friends on our way or at the audition. My grandparents are in North NJ and sometimes we get to stop and see them a while.

9. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with this year?

Sarifka definitely, Elizabeth Pettey, and last but DEFINITELY not least – Ricky Gervais! I loved working with him – we were always laughing!!

10. What has been your favorite project to work on this year?

That’s a tough one because each one was a new adventure with new friends. But if I had to decide, my favorite project was the ABC Game Show I filmed this year! I made a ton of new friends! We all had so much fun on and off set- exploring NYC and having lunch together, playing games and dance parties!! The crew was a ton of fun to work with. I was sad to say good bye to Sage, Sabrina & Rane, but hope to see them again! Optional #11 – Is there anything else you would like to add? Thanks so much for having me as a part of this years Holiday Q&A! I loved the questions and am so grateful for your continued support!

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5 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Cooper Friedman is Quinn’s younger brother. This year he has been seen in episodes of Adam Ruins Everything, Teachers, and the film Fun Mom Dinner! You may also recognize him from his recurring roles on Colony and Shameless.

1. What was your experience like working on Fun Mom Dinner?

Fun Mom Dinner was a blast to work on. I got to work with new friends and I thought everybody did an amazing job.

2. Do you have a favorite scene you did for the film?

My favorite scene was when my family got locked out of the house and we had to stay in the backyard until 3:00 A.M.

3. What was your time on set like filming Adam Ruins Everything?

Adam Ruins Everything was a lot of fun. One thing that I have a lot in common with Adam…. is that we both love to play the Nintendo Switch. For hours upon hours, me and Adam played Legend of Zelda and Arms on our Nintendo Switches. We both brought our games to set, and we had a lot of fun!

4. What was the pilot shoot for Raised By Wolves like?

I loved filming Raised By Wolves. After a few days, everybody on set became a big happy family. We all had a blast together on set. Also, we all made great life-long friendships together and see each other all the time. Filming Raised By Wolves will always be a great memory in my heart.

5. How did you enjoy working with several other kids in your scenes?

Filming with other kids is such a blast! I love playing and hanging out with other actors that are about the same age as me. I have made so many great friendships with other kids on set!

6. What was the best part of working on your episode of Teachers?

My favorite part of working on Teachers, is all the improv me and the actors do together. Improving is so much fun, and the show Teachers loves improv. They loved my improv so much, I’m coming back on set to film another episode later this week.

7. Were you nervous at all walking the runway at LA Fashion Week?

I’m never nervous! No matter what I do, I’ve never been nervous about anything. I’m never nervous at auditions or filming on set either. To be an actor, you can’t be nervous when your going inside auditions. You have to be confident and feel the room.

8. How did it feel to return to set for another season of Shameless?

I really loved working on another season of Shameless. I ate a lot of Pop Tarts on set and I loved seeing my acting mom again. We talked so much on set and I loved hanging out with her. Oh and craft service had….. SUSHI! I love CA Rolls!!!

9. What is your favorite thing about playing Lucas?

My favorite part of playing Lucas was all the Cherokee we did on set. We sang and played instruments together!

10. Do you have a favorite scene you did for season two of Colony?

My favorite scene was when I was in a car, and there was a gun fight outside the car. There was a lot of stunt people and special effects! There was a lot of big military vehicles that were really cool on set.

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5 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Lindsey Lamer is the sister of Rob Lamer who did an episode of Parenthood. This year she has been busy working on multiple films and you may recognize her from her recurring role on Girl Meets World!

1. How did you get into acting?

My older sister is an actress. When I was little, I watched her musical theatre performances and she inspired me to be an actress. I love to pretend to be different characters.

2. What was your time on set like filming your Nesquik commercial?

The Nesquik commercial was really cool because it aligned with the Age of Ultron movie launch and we had to pretend like we were heroes in the Avengers Tower. I am a huge Marvel fan!

3. Were you nervous at all performing in front of a live audience for Jimmy Kimmel Live?

No, I was not nervous. I like to perform in front of people and the energy of the audience made it so much fun.

4. What was the experience like filming the Edge of Insanity?

Edge of Insanity is a horror-thriller movie and the scenes were intense. I get shot in the movie during a home invasion. I worked with Scout Taylor-Compton from “Halloween” and she shared her advice and experience working on horror films. It was amazing working with her.

5. How did you prepare for the role?

I prepared for the role by working closely with the director Joe Forsberg and Scout Taylor-Compton running lines and blocking scenes.

6. What was it like to be part of a huge Disney show like Girl Meets World?

I’ve always been a Disney fan, so joining the cast of Girl Meets World was like a dream! The cast and crew were so kind and the atmosphere was fun and friendly. Girl Meets World fans are the best, so supportive and sweet. I was very fortunate to have worked with Michael Jacobs, the creator of Girl Meets World.

7. How did you enjoy working with Rowan Blanchard?

It was fun to play the young version of Rowan’s character, Riley. Rowan was a great fit for the role. Everyone was so kind on set.

8. What was it like filming with Ben Savage?

Ben was so funny. He was always making me laugh. I enjoyed watching him create on set. He is a very talented actor and I learned so much from my time on set.

9. Do you have a favorite scene you got to film?

My favorite scene in Girl Meets World was the Bay Window episode where we did the musical number with Young Farkle, Young Maya and the grown-up Lucas. I love to sing and that episode was so much fun to shoot.

10. Is there anything you care to share about your upcoming projects?

I have a new Honda Clarity commercial airing this month. My movie “Broken Memories” is out on VOD. It’s a heartfelt movie about a father and son who are dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The late Rance Howard stars in the movie.

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6 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Kenley Smyth is Rowan’s younger sister. This year she has been seen in commercials for Nissan, Calzedonia with Julia Roberts, and she recently booked a film!

1. What was your shoot for your Calzedonia commercial like?

Really fun! I got to make a lot of funny expressions and it was exciting to see which one they chose for the commercial.

2. What was the experience like filming with Julia Roberts?

She was really sweet and beautiful. She and the director had worked together before so it was a really smooth shoot.

3. What was your time on set like shooting for the Red Nose Day special last year?

I liked that a lot because there were several kids in the scene. My favorite part of the business is making new friends.

4. How did you enjoy working with Anna Kendrick?

She was so funny! She asked us lots of questions and had everyone laughing.

5. What was it like to work on your episode of Santa Clarita Diet?

It shoots in my hometown so it was nice to be working so close to home. I shot flashbacks so all of the clothes I wore were vintage which was fun. There was also a really sweet dog who hangs out on set every day. I had fun petting him.

6. What was your shoot like for your Nissan commercial?

That was one of my favorite jobs ever because I had so much fun with the other girls. We were instant friends!

7. How did you react to seeing yourself on the packaging for a Baby Born doll?

It was so exciting! I love going to the store and seeing the doll. My mom bought one and I love her.

8. How did you enjoy working for America’s Got Talent?

It was great! It was improv so we weren’t sure what we were going to be doing but we got to just be ourselves and talk.

9. What was the best part of filming with Nick Cannon?

He was so funny and I like that he laughed at my “catchphrase” which was “boom that was awesome!”.

10. Is there anything you can share about your role in Funny Story?

Just that my character is really funny. Comedy is my favorite!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have a really cool project shooting after the new year. I can’t wait to tell you about it next time!

7 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Devin Weaver is TK’s older sister. This year she has done multiple ommercials, episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and a live taping of A Little Advice!

1. What was your time on set like filming How We Live?

Well I ended up being too young for the lead role so I’m hoping I get another opportunity to really show off my acting skills. I just had a small supporting part in the film.

2. What was the best part of filming your Chubby Puppies commercial?

I just love the people at Spin Master. They are so nice and generous with me. I also had a good friend on set with me.

3. How did you enjoy shooting for Twirly Girl?

That was my first print job and I had a blast. I don’t have a print agent yet but I hope to do more print in the future if time allows.

4. What is it like to film for a show like Jimmy Kimmel Live?

It is so fun and funny!! Jimmy Kimmel is one of my favorite things to do.

5. Were you nervous at all doing your latest skit live in front of the audience?

No! I love being on stage. I do a lot of stage shows so this was nothing new to me. I really enjoyed it. I’d love to do more.

6. What was the experience like taking part in a live taping of A Little Advice?

It was so fun!! I was actually a little nervous for it since I had no idea what questions would be directed at me but it went really well and I’d love to do it again. Everyone was laughing a lot.

7. What was your shoot for your Brightlings commercial like?

It was so fun. I worked with Kailey on that one too. We met at Mattel. I’ve done about 4 jobs for Spin Master so working with them is always a treat. The director on Brightlings was super nice too. He lives in Canada but I hope I get to work with him again sometime.

8. How did you enjoy filming your commercial along side your brother?

Oh that was amazing! We can’t wait for it to come out! Probably won’t see us much but it was a blast doing it.

9. How do you prepare for your theater parts?

I practice A LOT! Every day. You have to be big on stage. It may be my favorite thing to do.

10. Do you have a favorite part you’ve gotten to play in any of the shows?

Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, the Genie in Aladdin, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Look for me on Facebook and Youtube @DevinDreamWeaver. I just started my pages. Thank you!

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8 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Merit Leighton is Marlowe’s older sister. This year she has been busy working on her new Netflix series Alexa & Katie, and make sure to check out her YouTube channel KawaiiHappii!

1.What was it like attending the Nintendo Switch Event?

Nintendo’s events are incredible. I went to both days of the event and it was an immersive and amazing experience. I’m a HUGE Nintendo Switch nerd, I love the console so much.

2. How did you enjoy attending the Dream Halloween event this year?

This event is just so much fun, seeing the kids all dressed up and smiling is the best. This year I went as a pink donut which was super cool and there were great performances as well! The kids had an amazing time, it was such a special night for a bunch of brave kids.

3. What has been your favorite episode to work on for KawaiiHappii this year?

Ooh… Picking a favorite is hard! KawaiiHappii is about all the things I love, but I have to say I especially enjoyed vlogging from Kcon and the Kcon concert! It was an an incredible week.

4. Do you have an idea for an episode you hope to be able to film one day?

There are so many! My top two ideas would be; One, to do a vlog from the Nintendo Headquarters in Japan! And two, to cover more Kpop concerts, like EXO or BTS’ next concerts in Seoul, for international fans.

5. What was the experience like being a part of Kid Kon?

KidKon was an amazing thing to be a part of and an awesome, nerdy event for kids! I had an fantastic opportunity to talk about what I do as a Youtuber, and to give advice to some other kids who want to do the same.

6. Hello, Merit! My question is the following one: Of all the roles that you’ve done so far, which ones are your favorites? Thanks in advance, and have a Merry Christmas (or most well, Merry-t Christmas)!

My favorite has to be my latest role as Hannah on Netfilx’s Alexa & Katie which is coming out in 2018! I have another favorite, but it’s Top Secret so stay tuned. 🙂

7. Do you have anything else in the works coming for your fans in the new year?

Lots of exciting things are happening next year! So, watch my social media for more on that, and make sure to keep an eye out for Lucinda The Witch on episodes of Disney Jr.’s Sofia The First!

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9 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Lucas Armendariz is Laura Krystine’s younger brother. This year he has been seen on Law & Order True Crime, filmed for the movie To the Beat! and more!

1. What was your time on set like filming your Star Wars video for Disney?

That was a dream job!!! I worked with, Roy Wood who played the Toy Maker in the video! Roy actually worked at Disneyland and made some of the millennium falcon for the ride! He was really making models for the video and I got to keep some of the clay models he made! He let me have some of his clay and tools and I have enjoyed them to this day! I absolutely loved that job and will never forget the experience of working at Disney animation studios! It’s definitely my most favorite job I’ve ever done!

2. What was it like getting to work with a green screen?

A green screen is fun, I actually don’t really notice, I just do what I’m suppose to and don’t pay attention to the screen much.

3. How did you enjoy being a part of your sisters film To The Beat!?

The producer, Susan Bernhardt wrote me in a scene that had me supporting the opposing team of my sister! LOL! So I was actually cheering for the team that was against my sister! But it was so much fun! I got to play basketball with Dexter Darden in between scenes and I also met Kelli Berglund.

4. Do you have a favorite part of attending the premiere for the film?

I loved walking the carpet and having my picture taken. They also had a HUGE, HUGE Candy bar so I loved that!

5. What is it like to film for a Late Night talk show?

So much fun!! I did 4 different skits for Jimmy Kimmel but all of those were not filmed live. When I worked on the James Corden show it was live, but we had 3 rehearsals so I felt very prepared.

6. How did you like filming with James Corden?

James Corden is very funny he made us all laugh.

7. What was your experience like working on Law & Order True Crime?

So cool!!! It took so long to curl all my hair! Everyone thought I was wearing a wig!! But it was all my hair! I really enjoyed our tennis scene(it never made the final cut) but I got to play a lot of tennis before and after the scene.

8. What was the process like to get you ready to film as Young Erik?

Very serious and a lot of preparation. I really wanted to put myself in character as best as I could, so I would take a minute to myself while the crew was testing lighting.

9. How did you enjoy working with Carlos Gomez?

Carlos would help me get in character, he would lead the scene so that I could follow perfectly. I admire Carlos and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work directly with him and Lolita Davidovich!

10. Is there anything you can share about your role in Survivors Guide to Prison?

I worked on that so long ago. It’s suppose to release in 2018. I’m in a flashback scene for that film.

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11 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Dylan Mueller is Declan’s older brother. This year he has been seen in episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, worked on a film, and been busy raising money for the Matthew Fetzer Foundation!

1. What was your first day on set like for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

It was incredible! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes place in New York in the late 1950s so being there really was like stepping out of a time machine. Everything, from the cars on the street to all of the old-timey clothes was spot on. Plus, we filmed at Morningside Heights up near Columbia University which looks so old-timey to begin with.

2. How did you enjoy returning for a second episode?

It was flattering because they called personally to ask if I was interested in coming back. I guess I did something right! I got to hang out near Rachel Brosnahan a lot, which was special. She’s Midge Maisel. She was really cool and nice to me.

3. What was it like getting dressed up in 1950s clothes to film?

Hot! A little too hot, actually! We filmed in New York in the summer wearing period clothing for New York in the winter so I was wearing plenty of wool and tweed. They were good about keeping us cooled off with drinks and things and it was fun to dress up- they even gave me a closely-cropped 1950s-style haircut.

4. What was it like meeting Jameel Warney of the Team USA basketball team?

Jameel Warney is not famous…yet. But he is a total winner and he will be playing in the NBA some time soon. He is the greatest player ever to play for Stony Brook University, which is on Long Island and one of my father’s alma maters. He is also a really nice guy who even donated to my Wrestle for a Cure charity to Pin Cancer. That was really thoughtful.

5. Do you have a favorite thing that you’ve gotten to do at an audition this year?

I hope this is okay to say, but to tell you the truth, I never really go on auditions and neither does Declan. Not often. We pretty much have been lucky enough to have been asked to do some things this past year so we did them when the project was a good fit. So, while we know we may never be huge stars if we continue doing it this way, it is flattering to know that some people have found us pleasant to work with and have wanted to have us around for things. I’m grateful.

6. If you could work on a project anywhere in the world where would you like it to be?

I’ve never been out of the United Sates, so something in Europe or Hawaii would be a dream come true.

7. What inspired you to run a lemonade stand in support of the Matthew Fetzer Foundation?

Thanks for asking! Not sure how that all started, but I’ve really just been trying to all the good I can ever since I was old enough to talk and walk. I think we all should. The lemonade stand isn’t just any lemonade stand either – it’s raised many thousands of dollars for charity since I’ve been doing it and I’m proud of all of the good it’s been able to do and thankful for the generosity of others.

8. Can you tell us more about the charity?

Matthew Fetzer was a boy who lived near our community a while back. He was extremely sick for most of his life and spent a lot of time in cancer wards of special hospitals with a lot of other sick, usually terminally ill kids. His goal was that when he got better, he wanted to start a program that could maybe give those kids a break and make them happy for a little while. He died when he was ten, before he got the chance to do it, but his parents made his idea into a reality. They distribute toys; host parties, host ice cream sundae parties, and provide financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families. I never knew Matthew but I feel as though I did. I’m a cross country runner and their fundraiser 5K is always my favorite event of the year to compete in because of the good the proceeds do. His parents and their colleagues are doing some great things. Learn more at:

I have also been a wrestler for a long time and for the past two seasons I have been working to Wrestle For A Cure through Pin Cancer, a really great organization that uses the platform of the great sport of wrestling to raise awareness and funds to support patient care and research initiatives at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Last year I was a top five fundraiser in the country. All goes to help kids battling cancer- one of the best causes I can imagine. Please consider helping me help children battling cancer, or at least share this with others:

9. How did you enjoy filming with Declan for The Land of Steady Habits?

That really was a dream come true. I think I told you last year that my goals in entertainment were to one day appear in a film with my brother and also to voice a cool cartoon character. I could never have imagined that it would take place so soon, if ever! Everyone on that set was so wonderful and I’m so excited about its release.

10. Is there anything else you can share about your part in the film?

It’s a really character-driven adult movie so, seeing as how I’m not an adult and I’m not one of the four main characters, my part is obviously not major. But it seems as though it’s a special movie and it is definitely made by special people and I am so proud to have been a part of it. Nicole Holofcener is really smart and kind and it seems as though she’s made a lot of good movies in the past so I’m grateful to have been a part of all that. She was so down-to-earth and even though she was in charge of everything, she made a lot of time for talking with Declan and me and really treated us like stars- which we really aren’t. But we were the only children. I really liked her.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Happy holidays to everyone! Do all the good you can! Thanks to the Star-Kidz peeps for always being nice to Declan and me and including us in the fun stuff you do.

16 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Reagan Fernandez is Scarlett’s older sister. She has done episodes of The Kicks, The Thundermans and you may have spotted her in various catalogs for American Girl!

1. How did you get started acting?

It was actually my mom that got me started. Wherever we went people were always telling her that she should get me started in acting. Our friends knew some managers and the rest was history.

2. Do you remember your first audition?

I was five months old when I started acting so I don’t remember my very first auditions but I so remember some very early ones.

3. How did you enjoy filming your episodes of The Kicks?

Filming the Kicks was super fun. We got to shoot at this beautiful school. All of the girls were around my age and we all did school together and talked in between scenes.

4. What was your experience like filming your Old Navy commercial?

Filming the Old Navy commercial was so cool. I already knew some of the kids from auditioning and from past jobs. We filmed on the Warner brothers lot in the little city of facades and working with Julia Louis Dreyfus was amazing.

5. What was your time on set like filming for The Thundermans?

I definitely remember this audition. I auditioned and the next week was the table read. I remember being really nervous for the table read because everyone already knew each other, but everyone was super welcoming and they showed me around and we hung out the whole week. When I came back to film more episodes, we basically picked up where we left off.

6. What was it like attending GHFCW with your sister?

It was awesome. I already knew some of the cast from visiting set, and I got to meet new people too. It was so nice to see the people that support her and the show.

7. What was the best part of shooting for American Girl?

I shot multiple times in multiple beautiful locations for American Girl. One of my favorite was a huge mansion in Malibu.

8. How did it feel seeing yourself in their catalogs for the first time?

We have always been big fans of American Girl at our house, so it was so cool getting to see myself in the catalog along with the other girls. My friends all got the catalog too and would always tell me that they saw me.

9. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

The Thundermans would probably be my favorite project to date. It was my first tv show role and I was ecstatic when I found out that I got the part.

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20 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Presley Chasson is the sister of Autumn who did some work for Days of Our Lives. Presley has been in the business since she was a baby with a huge resume that only got bigger this year with work for Rime Arodaky, H&M, Jakks Pacific and more.

1. What was the experience like filming A Christmas Break-Out?

Filming A Christmas Break Out was a lot of fun! The entire time we were shooting it was raining so it really felt like holiday time!

2. What was the best part of getting to work with your sister on it?

The best part of working with my sister Harmony was going to the grocery store and getting any of the treats we wanted without mom knowing!

3. How did you enjoy shooting for Matilda Jane?

I always like to work with Matilda Jane cause I love the fun hairstyles and comfortable dresses!

4. What was your time on set like shooting for Rime Arodaky?

Rime Arodaky is my Fav job so far I got to go on location for 3 days with my mom and I alone. We shot in Santa Barbara and we stayed in a great little hotel and the photographer Greg Fink was so nice.

5. Do you have a favorite part of getting to do flower girl shoots?

My favorite part of shooting flower girl dresses is the clients always gives me a dress to take home. Last shoot I even got to keep shoes!

6. What was your shoot for Lali Kids like?

Lali kids shoot was awesome cause I got to shoot with Gretchen Easton she has been shooting me since I was 6 months old. We shot a a beautiful house in Pasadena with a pool.

7. How did you feel seeing yourself on the Jakks Pacific/Disney Princess Palace Pets boxes for the first time?

I think its funny seeing myself on toy boxes its fun when my friends go to target and see me!!!

8. What was your time on set like shooting for H&M?

It was so fun shooting H&M back to school we danced and talked about fashions for back to school and I got to keep all of my outfits.

9. How did you enjoy working with Tia Mowry?

Tia Mowry was so nice to us and she was totally outgoing and fun!

10. What has been your favorite recent print job to do?

My favorite recent print job was with photographer Adam Hendershott for Chaser Brand amazing clothing and such a fun shoot!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have been auditioning for general hospital and the casting director really likes me I get to meet with producers each time I hope to be on the show one day!

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21 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Greyson Foster is the older brother of Kingston who did an episode of Days of Our Lives. This year he was seen in an episode of The Fosters and you may recognize him from his multiple national commercials or his recurring role on the series Heartbeat!

1. What was your time on set like shooting your Clorox commercial?

It was really fun. I got to be exposed to raw chicken! I played a nurse whose patient was a chicken!

2. What was the best part of filming your Liberty Mutual commercial?

It was the second time that I had worked with a green screen on a sound stage. I also made good friends on set.

3. How do you prepare for an audition?

Preparing for an audition I get focused and run over my lines. I also get into character and find ways I can connect to the character.

4. What was your experience like working on your episode of The Fosters?

It was one of my more challenging characters. I had to play a kid who had autism and was helped by the use of music.

5. How did you enjoy filming with David Lambert?

I could tell that he was a very caring person, After we were done filming for the day he walked into my trailer to tell me I did a good job.

6. What was it like filming your Jell-O commercial?

The Jell-O commercial was the first big commercial that I had booked. They even made the actor who played my dad dye his hair to look more the color of my hair.

7. How did you feel when you heard you booked a recurring role on Heartbeat?

I felt shocked and excited, In fact, at that time I was home schooled with my dad and we ran around the house celebrating.

8. How did you enjoy working with Melissa George?

I connected with her as my character’s mom – especially when we had a scene playing a video game together.

9. Do you have a favorite episode you got to film?

“The Land of Normal” This was my favorite episode because I got to be on the medical set and even go in disguise as a surgeon!

10. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

My favorite project so far has been Heartbeat because I got to keep going back to develop friendships with everyone. It was neat to be a part of different plots each week. My character even got lice in one episode!

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