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This week’s nominees are here! It is a double awardz week with voting for Favorite Interview and Favorite Guest Star (Soap) posted. The Favorite interview is based upon interviews conducted during the nominee period while the soap guest star award focuses on those who have done an episode or multiple episodes of the soap however not appearing as a regular character. Get your votes in Sunday by clicking here!

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Star-Kidz is celebrating 11 Years Online today, we can’t believe it! We would like to thank everyone for another fun year of support, site visits, gallery views, and everything you do to help keep this site going. We look forward to seeing what the next year brings, and our site anniversary of course isn’t over without a way to celebrate. This year we thought it would be fun to have an online dance party so make sure to check out the fun video below and everyone who sent in their clips, make sure to watch until the end as we added in a third song:

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Happy New Year! 2017 has come to a close and what a busy year it has been. New kids on the soaps, many busy with exciting new projects, and even a couple of staff adventures. It is time to enjoy our annual year end video and take a look back at some of the highlights of 2017!

Dec 25th

Hudson West plays the role of Jake Webber on General Hospital. Outside of the daytime soap you may have seen his appearances on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and TV Land’s Teachers this year!

1. How did you feel when you heard you booked Grey’s Anatomy?

As soon as I heard I booked Grey’s, I was so excited!! I loved the storyline and really wanted to do that show. I was so excited when I got on set and got to meet everyone and work with them.

2. What was it like working with Justin Chambers?

Justin Chambers was amazing!! He is very nice, he’s a great actor and he was full of compliments for me. Just LOVED working with him.

3. How did you prepare for the emotional part?

When I looked at the script, and saw that my character is upset, I just put myself in that position. I actually can feel what the character is going through. So, I can do emotional roles pretty well.

4. What was the experience like attending this year’s GH Fan Weekend?

I love attending the GH Fan Club Weekend!! This was my second time. I love seeing all of the fans, meeting them, taking pictures with them and signing autographed headshots for them. This year, my aunt and cousin were in town and they bought tickets and were able to attend. So they got to see what it was all about. So that made it even cooler!!

5. What was the best part of attending the Daytime Emmy Awards After Party with your co-stars?

It was so exciting attending the Daytime Emmy Awards After Party. It was my first time doing something like that. It was nice to see how the actors were off of set. GH won best show, best directing and best hair.

6. How do you like filming with TK?

TK and I are best friends in real life so it is awesome to get to work with him. He doesn’t live very close to me so I don’t get to see him that often so when we get to work together, it is really fun!!

7. What is the best part of working with Roger Howarth?

I love working with Roger. He is a great actor and he is always very nice to me. We have great chemistry on set so we have a blast working together.

8. How did you enjoy working with Constance Towers?

Working with Constance was truly an honor. She is a great actress and she was very nice to me. Great to have gotten to work with her.

9. How did you prepare for the Chimera Project storyline?

Frank told me about the storyline and I had to get myself into a dark mysterious place for that role. It was fun!!

10. What has been your favorite scene to film this year?

My favorite scene this year was probably when Franco was moving into our house and I was carrying one of Franco’s boxes and I tripped over some stuffed animals. That was fun. However, I also liked the Chimera project, and the emotional scene with my dad on the park bench. I enjoy working all of my scenes..

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would just like to add that I love working with all of the amazing actors & actresses and all of the behind the scenes people!!! It is an honor to be part of this awesome team! I feel so grateful & blessed to have been given this opportunity.. I feel like General Hospital is my second home!

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