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Happy New Year! 2017 has come to a close and what a busy year it has been. New kids on the soaps, many busy with exciting new projects, and even a couple of staff adventures. It is time to enjoy our annual year end video and take a look back at some of the highlights of 2017!

Dec 24th

Lori and Sevan Andonian played the role of Scout Morgan on General Hospital. The girls also filmed the pilot for Distefano, and have been busy working on multiple projects.

1. How did the girls get started in the business?

By chance! A friend suggested I send in pictures of the girls (7 weeks at the time) for an Instagram identical twin post. Waited over a week before I followed up but was lucky enough to get a response.

2. Do you remember what their first audition experience was like?

It was actually GH and I was clueless and confused but turned out great.

3. What was the experience like filming the Distefano pilot?

This was a great experience. We are on set 4 days straight we met some really amazing people. There were many seasoned actors on set who gave me some amazing stories they had with babies. I also think it was great because Lori and Sevan were a little older at this point and were responding to everyone with cute faces.

4. What was their first day on set of General Hospital like?

Great! For being my first ever experience on set I felt comfortable. Frank was amazing with his introduction and made me feel comfortable right away. The girls were so calm during the scene and so was I. I think we are truly fortunate that GH was our first job, great way to be introduced to the industry.

5. Is there a way to tell the girls apart on screen?

Sevan is a little more full in the face but at times I actually have trouble myself. We have a rule for the most part, Lori on the left and Sevan on the right. Dad and I always are concerned we aren’t going to know when they are older and look back at pictures.

6. How did Lori and Sevan enjoy working with Kelly Monaco?

I think they did great. Kelly did a great job with the girls and being patient.

7. What was the best part of filming with Billy Miller?

He had a natural touch with the girls. They loved being in his arms!!

8. How did Lori and Sevan like working with TK?

They didn’t get to much screen time with him but I am sure if they had stayed on they would become best buds. Such a sweet boy.

9. Do you have a favorite scene the girls got to film?

I think the last project they worked on. They had the opportunity to work with the talented Sarah Bolger, who honestly felt like family by the end of their job. I think it was also the fact the girls are more interactive now and respond to people and their scenes a bit.

10. Is there anything you can share about the project they were filming at the end of October?

It was super fun, far away and they worked with some very amazing talented individuals. Can’t wait to see it come to laugh. Stayed tuned and we will post details as soon as we are allowed to on Instagram and Twitter.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to add how fortunate the girls were on landing the job on GH and other opportunities. So far they are enjoying their experiences and look forward to many more characters to play.

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