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Jan 1st

Happy New Year! 2017 has come to a close and what a busy year it has been. New kids on the soaps, many busy with exciting new projects, and even a couple of staff adventures. It is time to enjoy our annual year end video and take a look back at some of the highlights of 2017!

Dec 23rd

Quinn Friedman played the role of Alec Barrett on General Hospital. This year he has been seen on Teachers, in a commercial for Motel 6, and more!

1. What inspired you to start your YouTube series The Science Kid?

My inspiration for my Science Kid Youtube Channel, all started last year. My teacher saw how great I am at editing and filming videos, and she suggested to make videos for school. So, I found a perfect way to make videos, and that’s when The Science Kid was born.

2. How long does it take to make an episode?

It takes me about 3 hours to write, film, and edit an episode of the Science KID from start to finish. I first write a script, then film the video, and finally edit it.

3. Do you have a favorite episode you have worked on so far?

My favorite episode of the Science KID, was the video about SPACE! It was really fun to film, had lots of special effects, and had some great fun facts.

4. What was the experience like walking the runway at LA Fashion Week?

It was a great experience! I’ve never ever walked any fashion show, so it was really fun trying something new.

5. How did you enjoy attending the Skechers Friendship Walk event?

The Skechers Friendship Walk event was awesome! I got to walk for a great charity, and see a bunch of my friends!

6. What was your time on set like filming your Motel 6 commercial?

The Motel 6 commercial was really fun to film! I got to work with some great people, and got to improve and have a lot of fun!

7. How did it feel to return for another episode of Teachers?

My second Teachers Episode was a great experience. I got to work with the same crew and met some new friends. It was really fun!

8. What was the biggest difference in filming your second episode compared to your first?

The biggest difference is that I had a different teacher. Between the first ep. and the second, I went up a grade in a school. I got to meet a new teacher that was super funny and great to work with.

9. If they wrote your character George into a third episode of the series what would you like to see happen?

I would love to see more of Georgie’s Dad. The story line for Georgie’s Dad is really funny.

10. What else have you been up to this year?

I’ve done a lot of things this year. Besides Acting, I’ve been swimming a lot, attending two different types of Karate, hanging out with a lot of friends, and doing a lot of….. sleepovers! So far, this year has been a blast!

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