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Days of Our Lives

18 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Gabriel Maddox Maier has appeared in episodes of both Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless. This year he has been seen in the short film A Scholar’s Journey, an episode of Teachers, and already has projects in the works for 2018 including an episode of Cool Dad!

1. What was the experience like filming A Scholar’s Journey?

It was a great shoot. The director, Ryan Hawkins was so cool! I liked the way the short was filmed. It was a great experience.

2. How did you prepare for the role?

Not much to prepare. The character was so like me, so I was just myself.

3. What is the best part of auditioning?

Seeing the casting directors face when they smile and say “great job”!

4. If you could film a project anywhere in the world where would it be?


5. What was your time on set like filming Teachers?

Lots of kids, so I got to socialize. I had my own trailer and got to hang out in there in between scenes.

6. How did you react to seeing your scenes in the episode?

I get a little shy seeing myself on screen. But I think I did a good job!

7. What was it like working with Katy Colloton?

She was so funny and awesome! Hilarious!

8. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with this year?

I worked with Jerry O’Connell last week. He was super cool and friendly.

9. What else have you been up to this year?

Earlier this year was so busy (pilot season). Had a few pins and producers sessions. Came oh so close!! I am now homeschooled, so my curriculum is spread out so its really manageable and I get more free time.

10. Is there anything you can share about your upcoming episode of Cool Dad?

It’s super FUNNY!

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20 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Presley Chasson is the sister of Autumn who did some work for Days of Our Lives. Presley has been in the business since she was a baby with a huge resume that only got bigger this year with work for Rime Arodaky, H&M, Jakks Pacific and more.

1. What was the experience like filming A Christmas Break-Out?

Filming A Christmas Break Out was a lot of fun! The entire time we were shooting it was raining so it really felt like holiday time!

2. What was the best part of getting to work with your sister on it?

The best part of working with my sister Harmony was going to the grocery store and getting any of the treats we wanted without mom knowing!

3. How did you enjoy shooting for Matilda Jane?

I always like to work with Matilda Jane cause I love the fun hairstyles and comfortable dresses!

4. What was your time on set like shooting for Rime Arodaky?

Rime Arodaky is my Fav job so far I got to go on location for 3 days with my mom and I alone. We shot in Santa Barbara and we stayed in a great little hotel and the photographer Greg Fink was so nice.

5. Do you have a favorite part of getting to do flower girl shoots?

My favorite part of shooting flower girl dresses is the clients always gives me a dress to take home. Last shoot I even got to keep shoes!

6. What was your shoot for Lali Kids like?

Lali kids shoot was awesome cause I got to shoot with Gretchen Easton she has been shooting me since I was 6 months old. We shot a a beautiful house in Pasadena with a pool.

7. How did you feel seeing yourself on the Jakks Pacific/Disney Princess Palace Pets boxes for the first time?

I think its funny seeing myself on toy boxes its fun when my friends go to target and see me!!!

8. What was your time on set like shooting for H&M?

It was so fun shooting H&M back to school we danced and talked about fashions for back to school and I got to keep all of my outfits.

9. How did you enjoy working with Tia Mowry?

Tia Mowry was so nice to us and she was totally outgoing and fun!

10. What has been your favorite recent print job to do?

My favorite recent print job was with photographer Adam Hendershott for Chaser Brand amazing clothing and such a fun shoot!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have been auditioning for general hospital and the casting director really likes me I get to meet with producers each time I hope to be on the show one day!

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21 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Greyson Foster is the older brother of Kingston who did an episode of Days of Our Lives. This year he was seen in an episode of The Fosters and you may recognize him from his multiple national commercials or his recurring role on the series Heartbeat!

1. What was your time on set like shooting your Clorox commercial?

It was really fun. I got to be exposed to raw chicken! I played a nurse whose patient was a chicken!

2. What was the best part of filming your Liberty Mutual commercial?

It was the second time that I had worked with a green screen on a sound stage. I also made good friends on set.

3. How do you prepare for an audition?

Preparing for an audition I get focused and run over my lines. I also get into character and find ways I can connect to the character.

4. What was your experience like working on your episode of The Fosters?

It was one of my more challenging characters. I had to play a kid who had autism and was helped by the use of music.

5. How did you enjoy filming with David Lambert?

I could tell that he was a very caring person, After we were done filming for the day he walked into my trailer to tell me I did a good job.

6. What was it like filming your Jell-O commercial?

The Jell-O commercial was the first big commercial that I had booked. They even made the actor who played my dad dye his hair to look more the color of my hair.

7. How did you feel when you heard you booked a recurring role on Heartbeat?

I felt shocked and excited, In fact, at that time I was home schooled with my dad and we ran around the house celebrating.

8. How did you enjoy working with Melissa George?

I connected with her as my character’s mom – especially when we had a scene playing a video game together.

9. Do you have a favorite episode you got to film?

“The Land of Normal” This was my favorite episode because I got to be on the medical set and even go in disguise as a surgeon!

10. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

My favorite project so far has been Heartbeat because I got to keep going back to develop friendships with everyone. It was neat to be a part of different plots each week. My character even got lice in one episode!

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24 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Seth Carr played the role of Randy on Days of Our Lives back in 2014 and since then has worked on multiple television shows, films and commercials. Next year Seth will be seen in the new Black Panther movie and the Nickelodeon series Knight Squad!

1. What was your time on set like filming for Days of Our Lives?

It was my very first tv show I had ever booked, I got to film for 2 days it was a lot of fun.

2. What was it like working with Shawn Christian?

He was extremely nice and made it fun on set.

3. Do you have a favorite part of filming your episode of Code Black?

My favorite part of filming was getting my makeup done to make me look very sick, and accidentally falling asleep while in the gurney which made it much more real while filming.

4. How did you enjoy working with Sherri Saum?

She was nice.

5. What was it like to film for a movie (Black Panther) that’s a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It was epic and surreal. My favorite part was flying back and forth to Atlanta to film. Playing Young Killmonger was such an honor and Michael B. Jordan is so funny and really cool to work with.

6. What was your time on set like filming your episode of Superstore?

I loved working on Superstore because it really feels like a store instead of being on a set. And waving at all the trams on the back lot of Universal Studios while they were on tour.

7. How did you feel when you saw your Walmart commercial airing for the first time?

I was at a restaurant with my family when it aired on tv during the World Series. It’s always fun seeing my commercials on tv.

8. What was the best part of working on your episodes of Bosch?

I get to work with my friend Mateo who plays my older brother Jack. It’s always nice to have someone close to my age on set.

9. Who is your favorite person you have gotten to work with so far?

There are so many talented people I’ve gotten a chance to work with, so in fairness they are all my favorite.

10. Is there anything you can share about your role in Knight Squad?

All I can say is be ready to laugh!! It’s a hilarious show.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My film with Gabrielle Union “Breaking In” will also be in theaters 2018. I play Glover Russell (her son). Can’t wait to share more details.

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