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It’s New Years Eve!

Asher and Brayden McDonell played young Franco in an episode of General Hospital this year. The boys were also seen on Good Day La and Shameless!

1. What was the experience like for Asher and Brayden to appear on Good Day LA?

Asher: I was being crazy. I liked the part when I runned around. The people were not really bad. The clothes were not really bad.
Brayden: I was going up the stairs. I think I liked my clothes. We liked the shirt. I almost dropped on a chair.
Parent: The boys had a good time. They really liked working with their dad. We loved the clothes from Milk and Honey that we got to keep! The boys got a little crazy and went rogue but it turned out being funny on tv. They wanted us to let them do what they wanted!

2. What was their time on set like working on the film White River Tales?

Asher: I didn’t know I was doing that. It looks like I was a real baby.
Brayden: Cool! Stephen just walked away and I just jumped. He told me to play.
Parent: They filmed for 3 days, in the rain and were real troopers. They were so good on set! Stephen Ohl (the director) and the whole crew were so good to the boys. In one scene, they needed Asher to sleep, and he really did fall asleep. Halle Charlton, who played their mom, was really good at keeping the boys entertained between takes.

3. How did the boys enjoy attending the premiere?

Asher: It was so exciting! I liked Everleigh coming!
Brayden: We played again! We eat snacks! I like it!
Parent: They didn’t really know what they were attending until they were there. They loved seeing their picture on the poster for the film. When they saw Ramsay Philips, who played their dad, they were so happy and wanted to take pictures with him on the red carpet. We were all blown away by his performance! They got to go to the front of the theater with the cast, at the end, and they thought that was pretty cool. If you ask them, the highlight of their night was eating all the cookies!

4. What was their shoot for Kids Crafter like?

Asher: It was cool!
Parent: They got to wear some really cute clothes, and play at the park, which was right up their alley!

5. How did the boys enjoy working on Shameless?

Asher: It was good. That guy was so nice. (Steve Howey)
Parent: Asher and Brayden loved cruising around the Warner Brothers lot! They had a great experience on set. The funniest story about that job happened on the first day. Asher had filmed for at least half an hour, playing in a pack and play at the bar, while William H. Macy did his long speech of the scene. They decided to switch out Asher for Brayden so they could get some more camera angles. Auntie was watching Brayden on a monitor with the crew, and during the scene, everyone heard crashing. At first people thought maybe Isidora Goreshter (Svetlana) accidentally dropped glasses behind the bar. Then someone said, “It’s the baby!” Everyone realized that Brayden was throwing Legos at William H. Macy, and the crashing sound was them hitting the floor! Luckily, everyone thought it was really funny! There were lots of great times on that set. Steve Howey, who plays Kevin, was the nicest guy. Watching him act was one of the coolest things ever. We were just so thrilled that the twins got to work with so many amazing actors! Someday, they’ll look back and think that was pretty awesome.

6. How did they enjoy working with Isidora Goreshter?

Asher: I was under the table and hide from her. But I was just playing hide and seek. She was funny.
Parent: She was really nice on set. Having the twins film with her was really special, especially since our whole family has watched Shameless from the beginning. We also ran into her at The Grove, weeks after they had finished filming and she stopped to play with them. It was really fun being a part of the Shameless family, and experiencing a tiny taste of their amazing fan base, many of whom reached out to us via Instagram when we were playing Baby Yevgeny!

7. What is it like to have Asher and Brayden be part of two iconic soap operas?

Beeba (Grandma) has been watching both soaps since she was a teenager, so it was really exciting for her to go to set with them and meet some of the cast. General Hospital was really special because we got to meet more of the cast and they were all really nice.

8. What has their time on set been like at General Hospital?

Asher: It was so fun and I wanted to go back there again and Beeba let me. I wanted to do it again and again and again. I got to say my lines and we liked seeing me on TV.
Parent: Asher loved having his own dressing room. He felt really special. Hair and makeup was really fun for him. After his first time working there, he kept asking to go back. They put his picture up on the wall with all the kids who work on the show, and he was super happy about that!

9. How did Asher enjoy working with Roger Howarth?

He was entertaining Asher by showing him his tattoos and telling him about his kids. He was really great to work with!

10. Is there anything that can be shared about their upcoming project with Derek Hough?

Brayden: I liked Derek! He was me! He was super tall and then I colored there. I went on a stage and I popped out and seed people!
Parent: That was one of the coolest things the twins have done! Derek Hough is not only talented beyond belief, but he is one of the nicest people we have met in the business. The boys absolutely loved him and still talk about him. They want to know when they’re going to see him again! We think the project will air in January, but we are not positive. We will keep people posted via our Instagram page, “McDonellTwins”

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It’s New Years Eve!

Everleigh McDonell is related to Asher and Brayden who did an episode of General Hospital. This year she was seen on screen in a Skinnypop Commercial and American Portrait Documentary!

1. How did Everleigh get started in the industry?

Everleigh pretty much came out performing. She was such a good baby, so happy and FUNNY since day one. It seemed like she was made for entertaining, so we got her an agent!

2. What was her first booking?

She did a little Mother’s Day campaign for Olloclip when she was 1 and had so much fun!

3. How did she enjoy filming her music video for Maisy Kay?

Everleigh: It was so fun! I had to wake up really early! Also, I did makeup. I had to go into the forest that was raining. Then, it was super super super duper fun when I saw Shadow, the wolf. I had to look in his eyes. Maisy was singing and looked pretty.

Mom: That ended up being the coolest experience. We really didn’t know what we were in for that day. All we knew as that there would be a wolf involved (with trainers, on a leash, etc.). Everleigh wound up filming a full day, deep in a forest during a rainstorm. KavanTheKid, the director, does amazing, super creative work, and I was so excited for Everleigh to be a part of one of his videos. He was great with her! When they brought the wolf out, we were all a little nervous; everyone except Everleigh! She had no problem walking right up to it, and taking direction so that she didn’t scare it by being upset or loud. It was pretty awesome to watch! Everleigh fell in love with Maisy Kay’s song for the video.

4. What was it like being involved in the American Portrait documentary?

It was great being a part of a collaboration for Sophia Kiapos. Everleigh had a great time making everyone on set laugh, and playing them a song on a nearby guitar!

5. What was Everleigh’s time on set like filming her Skinnypop commercial?

Everleigh: Skinnypop was my favorite! I had to go in a car. It was a lot of time in the car and the mom had to get hungry. She grabbed a bag of popcorn. I had to look at her like a crazy, funny way.

Mom: We are truly grateful to Everleigh’s agent for the Skinnypop experience! It was the first audition her commercial agent sent her on, and she booked it! When she found out, she ran around screaming with excitement. She can make some pretty crazy expressions, and that’s what she had to do for the commercial. She loved working! It was a wonderful first commercial experience, and Mama was really proud at how hard she worked!

6. How did she react seeing it for the first time?

Everleigh: It was so fun seeing me on TV!

Mom: Everleigh had the biggest grin on her face when she saw the commercial for the first time. She still talks about her day filming it all the time!

7. What was the experience like filming her episode of Fresh Off the Boat?

Everleigh: I got to meet new friends! I filmed at night when it was so dark.

Mom: That was really fun for Everleigh because it was a Halloween episode, and Halloween is Everleigh’s favorite holiday. Wardrobe chose a long, fancy gown for her to wear, and she felt so special. Seeing the cast and crew working on a night shoot was really cool. It definitely made her connect the dots between what she sees on tv and how things work behind the scenes. It made her that much more excited to audition and work!

8. What was her time on set like working on Mermaid?

Mermaids was great for experience. Everleigh had worked on two projects with the director before, and was asked back to work on Mermaids. She filmed multiple days, and being one on one with the director for parts of filming really taught her a lot.

9. Who have been some of her favorite people to work with so far?

Everleigh: Noelle! It was super fun with her! We had to say things after Noelle said things and go crazy when they told us to. Noelle dressed up and I said funny things to her. It was hilarious! I can’t wait to see her again and film a TV show with her!

Mom: Everleigh recently shot a pilot for a comedy affiliated with UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) with Noelle Lara. She had a blast and was really pumped up after that experience. When she was asked back to work with Noelle again in February, she had the biggest grin and was really happy! Everleigh truly enjoys comedy, and will be the first to tell you that she loves making people laugh. Meeting Noelle, and seeing her in action, really inspired Everleigh.

10. What has been Everleigh’s favorite project to work on?

Everleigh’s favorite project has been the Skinnypop commercial experience. Although, crazy as it sounds, she really loves auditioning! She is still only 5, and doesn’t see acting as something that has an end goal. She’s gotten really close to booking some really huge things recently, so we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds! When she gets an audition notice, she does the jig and can’t wait to go to L.A. She’s just now differentiating auditions from callbacks from bookings. Meeting new friends at auditions and during work days are an added bonus! Acting itself is her favorite “project” and she makes up scenes, giving Mommy lines all day long haha!

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