TK Weaver plays the role of Danny Morgan on General Hospital. This year he has also been seen in a commercial for Subaru, did a live taping of A Little Advice, and more!

1. What was the experience like doing a live taping of A Little Advice?

SO FUN!! I loved doing the live show. There are no lines and you never know what is going to be asked. I’d love to do it again.

2. What was your time on set like filming your Subaru commercial?

A lot of work and a lot of fun. I had to climb up and down those stairs with heavy loads all day. It was 3 or 4 days of shooting total. The best part was Moe. He was an awesome puppy.

3. How did you react seeing it on TV for the first time?

I didn’t see it for a long time but I was super excited when I finally did. I saw it at a restaurant that had TV’s everywhere. Those are my favorite restaurants because I love watching sports.

4. What is your favorite thing about filming at General Hospital?

The people. The other kids on the show. It’s a lot of fun every day that I’m there. I’d like to be there more often. I really enjoy being Danny.

5. How did you like working with Lori and Sevan?

They left me speechless. I forgot my line!! They were so sweet and cute.

6. How much fun is it working with Hudson as your big brother?

Oh it’s the best!! He is my best friend in real life too. He’s like a real big brother. We met at the wedding and we just hit it off. I love him.

7. First I’d like to say you are a good little actor and so adorable! What’s it like working with Steve Burton and having him as a TV Dad?

OMG it is amazing working with all the GH actors and actresses. They are all such good role models and acting coaches. They are all so professional. I look up to Steve, Billy, Chad… They are all amazing. I’m so lucky to work with all of them.

8. What do you do to pass the time at the studio between filming?

I have to do a few hours of school. I usually bring a football to toss around if we have some extra time to kill. Every day is different. If there are other kids on set we will sometimes hang out and play games.

9. If you could pick one thing for GH to write for Danny next year what would it be?

Oh I don’t know!! I’d love a storyline but I leave all that up to the writers. They know what they are doing and they have always been good to me. They really get to know the character and actor. If they have a story in mind for me, I know it will rock!

10. Do you have a favorite episode you’ve done this year?

My favorite episode was when Jake and Danny sing to their daddy at the hospital. I actually climbed up on the bed early out of instinct. It hard for me not to do what just feels right and natural. Frank was directing and left it in. They are really good about letting me be Danny naturally. It’s like we are the same person.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just that I love all the fans and support that I get from cast, crew and fans everywhere. I’m blessed and I thank you all.

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