Jeremy Maguire played Young Morgan in an episode of General Hospital. This year he has been seen in a GE Appliances commercial and you may recognize him as Joe on Modern Family!

1. What was your time on set like filming for General Hospital?

It went by so fast. The cast and crew are very good at what they do. Everyone is really nice.

2. How did you enjoy filming your GE Appliances commercial?

I had fun shooting that commercial. They had me do a bunch of silly things. Take the lipstick then draw on my face and run around the kitchen like a crazy kid. I never know what the commercial will be like until I see it on TV.

3. What was the audition process like for Modern Family?

There were four auditions over three weeks. Then I got to do a screen test with Ed O’Neill. The test was on a Wednesday or Thursday. Then we started work on Monday. I was able to wear my cape during the screen test. Everyone was very friendly from the start. During the audition, they had me do kid things like throwing blocks and running.

4. How did you react when you booked the show?

My mom told me that they picked me. I was so excited to work with such nice people!

5. What was your first day on set like?

The cast and crew on Modern Family are so cool. Everyone is really nice. My 4th Birthday was during my first month on set. They had a cake and sang happy birthday to me.

6. How do you prepare your lines for the show?

I’m learning to read but, my mom reads them to me and tells me what the scene is about. We practice the lines and then I memorize them.

7. What has the experience been like working with Ed?

Ed will always take the time to practice with me between takes on set and he gives me good advice on facial expression and timing. He will even act my line out for me at times if I’m having difficulty. I love working with him.

8. What is the best part of filming with Sofia?

Sofia is so funny! We like to tease each other between takes. Also, she is very sweet and gives the best hugs.

9. What has been your favorite episode to film so far?

The season 9 premiere episode was my favorite to shoot. I got to film in Tahoe. It was so beautiful! There is so much to do there. It was a like a vacation with 150 of your best friends. I can’t wait to go back.

10. Is there anything you can tell us about what’s coming up later in the season for Joe?

Joe is turning 6 this season. We will definitely get to see more of his character. He is becoming a bigger part of the story. He gets mad, he falls in love, he hangs from trees…normal 6 year old stuff. It’s my favorite season so far.

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