Brooklyn Silzer plays the role of Emma on General Hospital. This year she has been busy working for Discount Dance, Under Amour and 686!

1. What was it like to reunite with Teresa Castillo when you saw her in In The Heights?

I loved seeing Teresa it was so special because I had not seen her for a while. It was really cool to see her perform on such a big stage and hear how pretty she sings- she was amazing. It was a really great show

2. What was the best part of shooting for Discount Dance again this year?

I love working at Discount Dance so much especially because I shop there for all of my dance clothes and shoes! They are so nice & love getting my hair & makeup done and seeing all of the new styles:)

3. How did you enjoy shooting for 686?

This was fun because I was modeling snow boarding & ski clothes! Really cool company and the photographer and director were just so nice. I can’t wait to see how all of the pictures turn out!

4. What was you shoot for Soffe like?

I loved working for Soffe . They had really cute athletic wear and the crew on set was so sweet.

5. What was the experience like working for Under Armour?

This was probably one of my Dads favorite shoots because I got to play soccer! We got to wear cool clothes and play with other girls while they were getting their action shots! Plus it was part of a campaign Called “She Plays we win” empowering girls To be strong and confident with a really good message:)

6. How do you react when you get the call that GH is bringing you back for more episodes?

It is the best feeling ever! I love my GH family so much and really grew up with them since I was in Pre-school. I always hope to go back anytime and would love for Emma to move-in with her Grandma Anna!

7. What was the best part of filming for Maxie and Nathan’s wedding?

Getting to wear a beautiful dress and play around with the girls on set. The very best part Was when I got to work with Kimberly -it is always the best day ever!

8. What was it like working with Scarlett and Lily?

Both of the girls were just so sweet and it was kind of weird that so was the older one in the group. Usually I was the younger one but it was fun to help little Lilly feel really comfortable on set since it was her first day!

9. How did you enjoy attending the GH Fan Weekend again this year?

I love being a part of the Fan weekend. It always feels so special To hear how so many people love Emma and see how many fans support GH. It really has been the biggest blessing in my life to play Emma!

10. What would you love to see GH write for Emma in 2018?

Hmmmm.. I have a lot of ideas! But I think Emma needs to maybe help solve some crimes with her Grandma- she has the spy gene!!!!!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years! I am very grateful and feel very blessed to share these amazing adventures with you all!

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