Ashley Gerasimovich is Alexa’s younger sister. This year she has been busy working on her series The Detour which will make its season three premiere January 23rd on TBS!

1. What was it like filming the second season of The Detour in New York?

I really liked it! It was really nice going home every night and hanging out in my own territory! I got to show everyone from LA how epic NYC is!

2. How did you enjoy working with James Cromwell?

James Cromwell was awesome! Everyone on set called him Jaime, and I really liked his nickname. I felt like it suited him. He was so fun, he would tell us stories about his life growing up!

3. What was it like filming with Jeffrey Vincent Parise?

Jeff was really fun to work with! He was so nice and very cool behind the scenes.

4. Do you have a favorite guest start to film with this season?

All the guest stars were great, I loved working with each and every one of them! One of my favorites has to be James Cromwell. He was so interesting to listen to! He told us what it was like filming “Babe”. He was really cool!

5. How did you prepare for your It’s Fun Being Weird performance?

I prepared by listening to the song over and over again until I memorized it. I showed my family how I would sing it, and made up a dance for it too!

6. What was the experience like filming the Cuba scenes for the season finale?

The actual location in the show was Cuba, but we filmed most of it in NY. Some of the show was filmed in Puerto Rico.

7. If you could film anywhere in the world for the show where would it be?

There are so many places that we can go! I love to travel and see the world! My mom would love to film in Hawaii!

8. What was your favorite scene to film for the season?

I have to say, the song “It’s Fun Being Weird” has got to be my favorite scene! I had so much fun, and it was such a new experience. I will never forget it.

9. What has the experience been like promoting for season three?

There are so many people just as pumped as I am about the premiere of Season 3! I love seeing all the new trailers and posters for the show, and all the fans saying how excited they are!

10. Is there anything you can preview for the upcoming season?

Well, Season 3 takes place in Alaska and that leads to all new adventures for The Parkers. There are new twists in Season 3! Make sure to watch!

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