Sloane Morgan Siegel did a season one episode of The Neighbors. This year he has been seen on Pure Gennius, and has been busy working on multiple film projects!

1. What was it like attending the Dream Halloween event?

It was certainly grand, with a beautiful venue, many friends, and it was all for a great cause. We all got to wear costumes and put smiles on kid’s faces. The best part of the night was when I entered the Star Wars room and I had lightsaber battles with all the kids. They won.

2. How did you become a mentor for kids at Zak Barnett Studios? What has the experience been like?

I’ve been learning from Zak for almost 7 years now and he’s taught me everything I know about acting. He approached me last December and asked if I would like to mentor the kid’s class. In January this year I started teaching alongside my mentor to help the kids hone their skills and find a better understanding of acting. It’s been humbling to teach with the person that taught me and to give advice that I needed when I was their age. You honestly learn more when you teach, and I think I’ve learned from the kids just as much as they’ve learned from me.

3. How did you prepare for filming your emotional scenes in your episode of Pure Genius?

That character’s mind works a very specific way. He’s somebody who has lost more than he can comprehend and the trauma has caused him to lose his ability to walk. Mentally, I had to get in the head space of someone who is so used to loss that he would rather not feel his legs than heal and fight through the pain. For the emotional climax, I went into the scene not expecting anything and letting the realizations come naturally. If a script is written well, just speaking the words will evoke emotion. Physically, I worked with three physical therapy nurses from around the world to mimic what it’s like to walk without being able to use my legs so I could give a realistic performance.

4. What was it like to work with the different technology in the episode?

Well I hate to break it to you, but the term movie magic is used for a reason. The virtual reality headset was basically just really dark sunglasses with cool lights on it and various other things just had cool lights too. Since we’re actors, we get to pretend they’re real though.

5. What was it like to film with Brenda Song?

I grew up watching her on Zack and Cody so I was freaking out inside, But she is super energetic and really sweet. She is the brightest light in any room she walks in.

6. How did you enjoy taking part in the playwrights Festival?

I’ve been performing in the Playwrights Festival for 2 years now and soon a third. I love being able to bring an aspiring writer’s work to life and put on a show for people to enjoy. This year’s performance I got to star alongside my best friend David Bloom. Anytime I get to work with friends it’s a pleasure.

7. Is there anything you miss about working on Gortimer Gibbons?

The thing I miss most is being able to walk on set every morning and see the smiles of my crew, but I miss everything about Gortimer. It was a true family and most of us keep in touch still. That set will forever hold some of my favorite memories.

8. How did it feel to win at the Young Entertainer Awards for playing Gortimer?

It was an incredible and satisfying feeling to win something for portraying a character that is dear to my heart. It just lets me know that my performance brings people joy and that is why I act.

9. How did you enjoy working with Caitlin Carmichael on your secret project?

I’ve known Caitlin for about five years now so to finally work with her was a blast. The scenes we have in the show are hilarious and it was really hard not to break character and start laughing. My favorite part of our time together on set was after wrap every night when the cast went to get fast food at Checkers. Can’t wait to share more.

10. Can you tell us anything about your upcoming film?

All I can say is be ready for an awesome science fiction thriller and a movie monster to remember.

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