Pressly James Crosby plays the role of Leo Falconeri on General Hospital. This is his first big booking and he cannot wait to work more with the cast and crew!

1. How did you get started with acting?

He got started with acting of course from his mama. He watches me practice for all my animation voiceover projects/auditions and is like “I wanna do that mama!” So I got him an awesome manager and great headshots and literally his 4th audition EVER was GH and he BOOKS IT! Amazing.

2. What is one of your favorite things you’ve gotten do do this year at an audition?

His favorite thing at an audition…umm he’s not a fan of the waiting game (mommy isn’t either lol) but I would say his Least favorite was eating old cold soup for a Campbell’s soup commercial! Favorite would probably be when he auditioned for the son of Sandra Bullocks in the new film Bird Box. It was his very first time he went upstairs and did it all on his own… he came downstairs and had this amazing look of confidence and independence and said “I did GREAT mama!”

3. How did you enjoy doing your first voice over project?

He was recently signed with my VO agent Arlene Thornton and Associates and had his very first BIG VO audition for Doc McStuffins a couple weeks ago! Hasn’t booked any VO jobs as of yet but fingers crossed!

4. How did you react when you found out you booked General Hospital?

When I told him he booked Leo on General Hospital he was like “so I’m gonna be on TV!” He watches Ricky Dicky Nicky and Dawn and loves it…

5. What was your first day on set like?

First day on set he was so calm and collected you would think I was hangin with a 7 year old lol. He was a little nervous because the sets were sooo big…. but LOVED the fake snow because it never snows here.

6. Who was the first person at the studio you got to meet?

First person we met was Billy!! His wardrobe assistant! And HE LOVES BILLY! He rocks.

7. What was the best part of filming with Lisa LoCicero?

He kept saying how pretty his fake mom was (Lisa) really pretty and super nice.

8. How did you like working with Wally Kurth?

Wally and Pressly took to eachother right off the bat… Pressly said “he soooo nice mom”

9. What was it like to see your scenes on TV for the first time?

We watched it all together on Hulu… He LOVED IT!

10. Is there anyone on the show you hope to get to work with next year?

He always says he wants to meet and work with the kids from Ricky Nicky Dicky and Dawn.

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Images by Deidhra Fahey