Emily Skinner played Kim Marston in an episode of Days of Our Lives. This year she has been busy filming her role in Disney Channel’s Andi Mack which is currently in its second season!

1. What was your time on set like filming Shake It Up?

I was so excited to get to be a part of the show! I was in the Glitz It Up episode and played a bratty pageant girl who suffers her first defeat. The writing was hilarious and I had a lot of fun playing my villainous character!

2. How did you like working with Zendaya?

Zendaya was warm and welcoming. I remember thinking she was so beautiful, hard working, confident and accomplished. I wanted to be just like her one day…

3. What was your time on set like filming Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp?

I was lucky enough to have a scene with Molly Shannon! She was so easy to work with and the dialogue between myself and her felt so natural when we were filming! I hope to get to work with her again someday!

4. How did you enjoy filming a music video for Avicii?

This was such an amazing project and, to this day, one of my favorite experiences ever! I hadn’t ever done a music video before, so I figured that my chances of booking were not great; but I had a dance teacher whose baby was really sick and I was trying to figure out a way to fund raise for her. I actually self submitted for the project with the intent of donating the profits to her. I was overjoyed to hear that I booked it! I grew so much working on that set under director Julius Onah and with Joshua Fredric Smith as my father…I think that it benefitted me as much as my dance coach! Go check out the video…it is a beautiful story about hope, redemption, and what can happen when someone believes in you:


5. What is it like to be a part of a Disney show vs. working on a primetime show?

Because Andi Mack is a single camera show, all shot on location in Utah, it feels like a primetime show. Andi Mack has also been so much fun to shoot since there are so many kids in the cast…and I truly love hanging out and working with each one of them! Creator Terri Minsky and Executive Producer Michelle Manning; as well as the entire cast and crew, keep the atmosphere professional but also fun and kid friendly!

6. What was your first day on set like for Andi Mack?

First days are always a little nerve-racking…but mostly just super exciting! Sometimes I can barely sleep the night before! But the Andi Mack cast was soooo welcoming from the start, that I warmed up to them quickly and that made the experience even more amazing because I enjoyed being with them so much…it didn’t even feel at all like work!

7. How would you describe your character Amber?

Amber is Andi Mack’s nemesis. First impressions lead the viewers to believe that she is the “it” girl, leader of the popular girl clique. In the first season Amber was Jonah Beck’s girlfriend, and she was jealous and insecure when Jonah and Andi became friends. She tried to pull them apart. But in the second season, Amber is dimensionalized as viewers are given more insight into her tumultuous home life and lack of any meaningful relationships. Amber is more vulnerable this season…she feels lonely and in need of some guidance…

8. What has it been like traveling to Utah to film the show?

The flight to Utah is quite short from California and doesn’t take much longer than driving to LA during traffic hours! I love Utah! Salt Lake City is beautiful and clean, and I love to hang out in Park City with all of its outdoor activities, art galleries, and delicious restaurants!

9. How do you enjoy filming with Peyton Elizabeth Lee?

It is the best getting to work with her! I love Peyton…she is one of my best friends! It is so much fun playing her nemesis on set, but it’s sometimes hard to keep a straight face when playing the mean girl character with her. We both work hard and keep it professional when filming…but we laugh a lot after the scenes are cut since our onscreen relationship is so opposite of our offscreen friendship.

10. What has been your favorite scene to film for the show?

The Ferris Wheel scene in “The Snorpion”, because it was a night shoot on a ferris wheel and we got to have a pizza party after we wrapped!!!!

11. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I feel very lucky to be a part of this groundbreaking show! Thank you so much for interviewing me!!!!!

Happiest Holidays to all of you!!!!

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