Gunner and Ryder Gabois play the role of Connor on The Young and the Restless. This year they have been busy working on the soap and look for them in more episodes this January!

1. What was the experience like for Gunner and Ryder to work on a music video?

It was really fun! Great experience and quick too! The director from the movie, Chimeras, that the boys were in when they were little, was the director for the music video!

2. How do the boys prepare for auditions?

I just run lines with them and they catch on quickly. Not much preparation at all!

3. What is it like to have Gunner and Ryder film at Y&R for multiple years now?

We are so grateful to have been a part of Y&R for 2.5 years now. Everyone is so sweet and loving to the boys. It’s definitely more like extended family

4. What is the best part of filming with Joshua Morrow?

The boys said “he gives the best knuckles”

5. How do the boys enjoy working with Alyvia?

They absolutely adore her. They are always so excited to see her. They love playing hide and seek and having dance parties with her!

6. What was it like filming with Gia Poeme?

It was always great filming with Gia! The boys became really close to her and we even have sleepovers at her house!

7. How have Gunner and Ryder enjoyed working with Jude and Ozzy?

They love working with the babies!

8. What was it like filming this year’s Halloween episode?

It was fun! The boys thought their robot costumes were the best thing ever! They even talked like robots when they wore them!

9. Now that the boys are older do they get a choice as to which shoots which scenes?

Yes, usually we try and split the scenes in half so they both film the same number of scenes

10. What has been their favorite scene to film this year?

That’s such a hard call because every time they film is so much fun both on and off set

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you to all of the fans for your ongoing support and thank you Star-kids for everything you do!

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