London and Sedona Fuller played the role of Nora Braverman on Parenthood. This year the girls have been seen on Modern Family, The Orville, and more!

1. How did London and Sedona get started in the industry?

Their mom was a pregnancy model when she was pregnant with the girls. When her agent found out she had twins, she asked for the girls’ photos and they booked their first job on a Lifetime movie when we were 3 months old.

2. What was their time on set like filming for Parenthood?

Monica Potter and Peter Krause were so nice and kind. Sedona especially loved the day she shot a scene with a puppy. She giggled so hard when it kept licking her.

3. What was the experience like working on the Baby Daddy pilot?

Amazing. Everyone from Dan Berendsen, Michael Lembeck and the cast were all amazing. It was a lot of work, but they went above and beyond to make sure the girls had everything they possibly needed. Both girls really enjoyed the night they shot the pilot in front of a live studio audience!

4. How did you enjoy filming your episode of The Orville?

London: Everyone was so nice. It was the third job I got to have ice cream on camera! Once I was there I felt happy and proud. There were lots and lots of people in the background in my scene so I had to focus to do a good job.

5. What was the experience like working on Modern Family?

Sedona: I was a little scared because there were lots of people standing in the pretend kitchen, but all the actors and crew were nice. I also really liked making funny faces at my pretend dad [Ty Burrell].

London: I was also a little scared, but it was actually really nice. After we finished shooting I got some yummy treats from craft services. I hope we come back.

6. How did you enjoy filming with Ty Burrell?

Sedona: It was really fun making faces at him. He was very funny in his underwear!

London: Yes because he was really nice to work with and he was eating popcorn in a bathrobe. He made us laugh.

7. What was the best part of filming your Home Depot commercial?

Sedona: I liked when I was trick or treating to get candy. I also liked how creepy the dinosaur looked.

London: I liked all the Halloween decorations, our unicorn costumes and eating the candy!

8. How did you feel when you saw it air on TV for the first time?

Sedona: It made me laugh so hard when I saw us scream.

London: It made me feel proud and royal and proud of my own self.

9. Do you have a favorite part of auditioning?

Sedona: Yes, seeing my friends and playing with them.

London: Yes, my favorite part is acting and playing because it’s fun.

10. What has been your favorite project to work on?

Sedona: Modern family because I got to make silly faces so many times.

London: Home Depot because it was fun with all of the Halloween decorations and candy!

What do you enjoy best about being an actor?

Sedona: I like to watch me on TV, because it’s fun.

London: I like acting because it’s like playing or make-believe.

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