Paige Ollivier played the role of Josslyn Jacks on General Hospital. This year she has been busy working for Crazy 8 and GAP!

1. What was the coolest thing you got to do at an audition this year?

I got to do tumbling for Crazy 8 and shoot photos as the photographer. I like to learn how all the equipment works and sometimes Crazy 8 even lets me choose my poses.

2. Do you help your brothers prepare for their auditions too?

They aren’t doing much acting right now but when they do audition I help them remember to look in the camera and speak loud and clearly. My little sister is getting started in acting and we practice with her a lot because she needs more help.

3. What was the experience like doing voiceover work?

It was really fun because you get to wear headphones as you speak into the microphone. Seeing myself as a character was really cool too. The singing was really hard but they worked to make sure I sounded great!

4. What was your time on set like shooting for GAP?

I met lots of new friends and it was fun seeing old friends again too! GAP is a great company to work for and I love all their new clothes!

5. Do you have a company you would love to shoot for one day?

I’d love to work with Justice one day! I really like their clothes and style. I also love Target and American Girl.

6. What has been the best part about shooting for Crazy 8?

Seeing all the friends each time! We are like a family! Plus they have the best snacks! The breakfast tacos are my favorite! Their wardrobe and hair stylists are so cool and they always create amazing looks.

7. What does it feel like to be brought back for multiple shoots with them all year?

It is very special and I am very thankful that they keep asking me back! I hope it continues forever.

8. Do you have a favorite outfit you have modeled for them?

Crazy 8 had a shirt made especially for me and I loved that! I also loved the more grown up looking outfits…I got to dress up like I was going to work. I love all the soft cozy clothes.

9. How did you react seeing your images up in their stores for the first time?

Some of them are so big! They are even bigger than my dad! They look really cool and I like it when my friends find me in the stores.

10. What else have you been up to this year?

I just got my roundoff back handspring and have been working on that all year! Also my soccer and basketball teams kept me busy.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I hope to do a TV show or movie this next year because its been awhile since I’ve focused on that.