Makayla Lysiak was seen in a 2014 episode of Parenthood. This year she has been busy with guest starring roles on New Girl, Speechless, The Last Ship, and you may recognize her as “Barbara” on the Audience series Mr. Mercedes!

1. What was the experience like filming an episode of New Girl?

Filming on the set of New Girl was one of the best experiences in my career. I got to work along side two insanely hilarious actors that I admire so much, Zoey Deschanel and Jake Johnson. All the scenes we shot were so funny! I tried not to laugh during takes. Zoey and Jake are comedic geniuses. Plus, I got to meet Olivia Rodrigo and Saylor Bell who made filming really fun. We talked a lot and got to know each other on set. The whole cast of this episode didn’t make my experience feel like work, they made it fun and exciting everyday.

2. Do you get nervous at all going into your first day on set for a new project?

Of course I get nervous! I feel like every actor does. When its my first day on a set sometimes I get scared I’m gonna forget my lines in front of big name actors, or look into the camera while filming. But, when I’m actually there in the moment, all my anxiousness and worry fades away. When I’m in front of the camera preforming, I feel free.

3. What was your time on set like filming for Speechless?

Filming Speechless was pretty cool. It was a one day shoot and I got to film at Fox Studios for the second time. It was quick shooting day but hey, work is work!

4. What was it like filming with Kyla Kenedy?

Filming with Kyla Kenedy was awesome. She was super nice and we talked in between takes. You could tell she was very professional. Kyla could always take direction really well and she knew her lines like the back of her hand.

5. How did you enjoy working with Alina Foley?

Alina Foley was great to work with. We would make small talk when the crew was setting up the shots.

6. What was the best part of filming for The Last Ship?

The best part about filming The Last Ship was definitely getting to go to an actual Naval ship base. The ships were HUGE, larger than you could even imagine. And I thought it was so cool that some of the extras were real life service members. I got to meet the people that serve our country and thank them for all they’ve done.

7. What was your first day on set like for Mr. Mercedes?

My first day shooting on Mr. Mercedes was SO AWESOME! This show was by far my favorite show I’ve ever worked on. I got to meet Jack Bender and Jharrel Jerome who made me feel at home right when I walked on the set. Though it was kind of intimidating working alongside an Oscar winning actor and such an iconic director. Both of them are so brilliant and talented. Plus I got to meet Emma Rayne Lyle which was a blessing in itself. She is such a sweet person that I had a great time getting to know better in between takes.

8. How did you enjoy getting to film the show in South Carolina?

I loved shooting in South Carolina. This was my first time shooting out of state, so it was very exciting. The show got us first class seats from LA to the south. When we got to South Carolina I saw that it was a lot different than LA. There were miles and miles of trees, all on flat land, no hills or mountains. And the food there is AMAZING! The next time I’m craving a barbecue sandwich, I will fly out to South Carolina for my meal.

9. How would you describe your character Barbara?

My character Barbara is always very busy. She likes organizing and planning things but sometimes get overwhelmed. She is very smart and shows it. And Barbara is strong but sometimes she can get insecure about herself. All will be revealed in episodes to come. Stay tuned!

10. Do you have a favorite episode you have filmed?

My favorite episode that I filmed on Mr. Mercedes was certainly the finale episode. They dressed the set like an art center. There was color and movement everywhere. It was indescribably beautiful. There was even some art work that came from the director, Jack Bender. I got to celebrate all the hard work the cast and crew did that season. Plus, I got free Mr. Mercedes merch!

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