Belle Smith was seen in a season one episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show. This year she has been seen in episodes of Bull, I Witness, and you may recognize her from her recurring role on Vinyl!

1. What was it like filming your episode of I, Witness?

It was great! We all had fun! We filmed in a big office with my Latino family and Kai who is the lead role. They were all fun to be with. The production staff gave me and my TV brother toys to play with on set. In my scene, Kai handed me the stuffed dog. I played with that stuffed dog on and off camera and almost took it home with me.

2. What was the experience like working on Law & Order: SVU?

It was all fun for me. We went to this beautiful big building in New York City near the water and a park. We meet some of the cast there like Ice -T and Kelli Giddish. The filming was on the playground and I got to play with the other kids. It did not feel like working at all. My favorite part is playing on the swing.

3. How did you enjoy filming the movie Rough Night?

I had the best time filming Rough Night because I was with my friend Callie and we both had so much fun playing in the playground, running around, playing in the swing and slides both on and off camera. We also had fun going to the crafty services with all the candies and sweets they had. I feel that the only time I had to do acting was when I run to our pretend teacher played by Jilliann Bell. There was another scene when Jillian Bell picked me up and carried me on her arms but that part did not make the cut. The best part also was that some of the production staff were the same people I worked with on VINYL.

4. What was your time on set like filming Bull?

It was awesome! We filmed on the roof top of the building overlooking Central Park. The scene was my birthday party. The place was so beautiful and the decorations were fascinating. I love the light blue and white unicorn cake and also the unicorn cookies. There were so many balloons, gifts, and so many kids too! During breaks, I played with Lori and the other kids. We played with my ipad. I love and enjoyed my time on set filming BULL.

5. How did you enjoy having your Mom play your Mom?

I love it! It feels so natural acting my part having my real mom played my TV mom. It is unforgettable to me because I was the one who convinced my mom to do it. I asked her to audition with me. She didn’t want to do it at first. I’m very happy she did it.

6. What was it like to work on a NYC rooftop for the scene?

It was magical! You look down and everything looks small. The people and the cars look very small. When you look straight, you see the beautiful buildings of NYC and when you look up, it feels like you can touch the sky.

7. How did you enjoy working with Bobby Cannavale on Vinyl?

I love working with Bobby Cannavale . He was very nice to me and always talk to me when I was on set. As soon as he sees me, he calls my name “Belle” and always talk to me for a minute or two. He made me feel important and comfortable on set. I played his daughter and that was an amazing experience for me. In 1 of the episode which my mom said was a very emotional one, I saw him preparing for it while I’m on my way to the door after filming my part. Bobby saw me, he stopped what he was doing and talk to me before I left. It’s so awesome working with him. He is kind and nice to everyone. Before we finish filming, he wrote me a note on my diary and he also signed my pink guitar.

8. What was it like filming with Olivia Wilde?

I love working with Olivia Wilde. She was nice and friendly. I believe she likes carrying me on her arms. She did it on couple of our scenes and also when we took pictures together . Since I played her daughter, most of my scenes were with her. We always sit next to each other during hair and make up. It was a nice experience working with her.

9. Do you have a favorite scene you filmed for the series?

I filmed 8 out of 10 episodes and I love them all because each one is a unique experience but my favorite one is the first episode when I was sleeping on Olivia Wilde’s lap. That is so special because that was my very first acting experience on TV.

10. What has been your favorite project to work on this year?

Bull is a favorite because my TV mom was my real mom and because I got to celebrate my 8th birthday on TV. I also love my Print booking for Boscov’s because it was on my birthday. Thanks to my awesome Agent Renee Lauren.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Recently, I was given the opportunity to work with Shadow Magic director Ann Hu and TV shows like Billions, The Americans and Escape at Dannemora. Thank you Star Kidz for all the support and for including me here.

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