Merit Leighton is Marlowe’s older sister. This year she has been busy working on her new Netflix series Alexa & Katie, and make sure to check out her YouTube channel KawaiiHappii!

1.What was it like attending the Nintendo Switch Event?

Nintendo’s events are incredible. I went to both days of the event and it was an immersive and amazing experience. I’m a HUGE Nintendo Switch nerd, I love the console so much.

2. How did you enjoy attending the Dream Halloween event this year?

This event is just so much fun, seeing the kids all dressed up and smiling is the best. This year I went as a pink donut which was super cool and there were great performances as well! The kids had an amazing time, it was such a special night for a bunch of brave kids.

3. What has been your favorite episode to work on for KawaiiHappii this year?

Ooh… Picking a favorite is hard! KawaiiHappii is about all the things I love, but I have to say I especially enjoyed vlogging from Kcon and the Kcon concert! It was an an incredible week.

4. Do you have an idea for an episode you hope to be able to film one day?

There are so many! My top two ideas would be; One, to do a vlog from the Nintendo Headquarters in Japan! And two, to cover more Kpop concerts, like EXO or BTS’ next concerts in Seoul, for international fans.

5. What was the experience like being a part of Kid Kon?

KidKon was an amazing thing to be a part of and an awesome, nerdy event for kids! I had an fantastic opportunity to talk about what I do as a Youtuber, and to give advice to some other kids who want to do the same.

6. Hello, Merit! My question is the following one: Of all the roles that you’ve done so far, which ones are your favorites? Thanks in advance, and have a Merry Christmas (or most well, Merry-t Christmas)!

My favorite has to be my latest role as Hannah on Netfilx’s Alexa & Katie which is coming out in 2018! I have another favorite, but it’s Top Secret so stay tuned. 🙂

7. Do you have anything else in the works coming for your fans in the new year?

Lots of exciting things are happening next year! So, watch my social media for more on that, and make sure to keep an eye out for Lucinda The Witch on episodes of Disney Jr.’s Sofia The First!

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