Lucas Armendariz is Laura Krystine’s younger brother. This year he has been seen on Law & Order True Crime, filmed for the movie To the Beat! and more!

1. What was your time on set like filming your Star Wars video for Disney?

That was a dream job!!! I worked with, Roy Wood who played the Toy Maker in the video! Roy actually worked at Disneyland and made some of the millennium falcon for the ride! He was really making models for the video and I got to keep some of the clay models he made! He let me have some of his clay and tools and I have enjoyed them to this day! I absolutely loved that job and will never forget the experience of working at Disney animation studios! It’s definitely my most favorite job I’ve ever done!

2. What was it like getting to work with a green screen?

A green screen is fun, I actually don’t really notice, I just do what I’m suppose to and don’t pay attention to the screen much.

3. How did you enjoy being a part of your sisters film To The Beat!?

The producer, Susan Bernhardt wrote me in a scene that had me supporting the opposing team of my sister! LOL! So I was actually cheering for the team that was against my sister! But it was so much fun! I got to play basketball with Dexter Darden in between scenes and I also met Kelli Berglund.

4. Do you have a favorite part of attending the premiere for the film?

I loved walking the carpet and having my picture taken. They also had a HUGE, HUGE Candy bar so I loved that!

5. What is it like to film for a Late Night talk show?

So much fun!! I did 4 different skits for Jimmy Kimmel but all of those were not filmed live. When I worked on the James Corden show it was live, but we had 3 rehearsals so I felt very prepared.

6. How did you like filming with James Corden?

James Corden is very funny he made us all laugh.

7. What was your experience like working on Law & Order True Crime?

So cool!!! It took so long to curl all my hair! Everyone thought I was wearing a wig!! But it was all my hair! I really enjoyed our tennis scene(it never made the final cut) but I got to play a lot of tennis before and after the scene.

8. What was the process like to get you ready to film as Young Erik?

Very serious and a lot of preparation. I really wanted to put myself in character as best as I could, so I would take a minute to myself while the crew was testing lighting.

9. How did you enjoy working with Carlos Gomez?

Carlos would help me get in character, he would lead the scene so that I could follow perfectly. I admire Carlos and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work directly with him and Lolita Davidovich!

10. Is there anything you can share about your role in Survivors Guide to Prison?

I worked on that so long ago. It’s suppose to release in 2018. I’m in a flashback scene for that film.

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