Leilani Brosnan filmed an episode of The Neighbors and has a large resume of theatrical, commercial, and print work. This year she has worked for Nickelodeon, Kohl’s, petitePARADE and you may have spotted her in your local Guess Factory store too!

1. How did you get involved with the Looking Ahead program run by SAG?

I think my mom got an email from Looking Ahead about joining so we did! I have gone to about 12 events and they are all fabulous! We have done Lazer Tag, visited farms, done charity work and had picnics among other things.

2. What has been your favorite trip to attend with them?

My favorite Looking Ahead event was the Knott’s Berry Farm day even though I had to leave early for an audition! Commitment!

3. What was your time on set like shooting Under Armour for Kohl’s?

We shot Under Amour at a school track field in the heat! There were a few other kids shooting with me so that made it fun. We did many athletic poses and played mini games while they shot us modeling adorable new styles for Kohl’s. The weird thing is – it was well paid but I have only seen one photo used from that shoot – I guess I should be happy though since it was of me!

4. Do you have a favorite shot you did for your petitePARADE editorial?

Shooting the editorial for petitParade was probably my favorite job so far this year and we all did it for free! We sailed out on a yacht from Marina Del Rey out into the ocean with some nice other kids and really cool nautical style fashions from the best designers! Some of the shots were a bit scary since we were going pretty fast and I tend to get sea sick! Luckily I didn’t this time and the shots turned out really great! Wish I could do more shoots like this one.

5. How do you choose your wardrobe for your photoshoots with Rachel Images?

Rachel Images does all the amazing styling for the shoots with really cool clothes and accessories and props. Sometimes she asks us to bring a few items like basic shoes or tops but mostly Rachel does everything like making unbelievable crowns out of shells, headpieces from bird feathers and the last shoot her sister came and did some unusual braiding of my hair! There is no other photographer out there like her and now she is in demand worldwide and flies to Russia to shoot, etc.

6. How did you enjoy shooting for Guess Factory?

I think I shot for Guess Factory about 3 times this year so people are going to be sick of seeing me in the store windows all around the world! They are really the nicest company to shoot for out there. We usually shoot the factory photos in their headquarters in downtown LA which is massive and I don’t even think I have been in all the buildings! We always arrive to an amazing breakfast and relaxed atmosphere. Their jobs are No Stress just fun! We seen to wrap fairly quickly so the only bad thing is that my mom usually makes me go to school after.

7. What was the experience like auditioning for a lead role for a Disney project?

Getting to audition at the Disney Studios with the actual Disney casting staff is always a huge honor even if you know they have probably already cast the role before they even see you! It’s just nice to be asked! And I guess you never know!

8. What was the best part of filming your Origami Artist segment for Nickelodeon?

The kids they picked for the Nickelodeon shoot were all really cute and extremely talented. I can’t wait to see the commercial which is taking a really long time to produce! I think it will be called something like “You Be You” so be sure to watch for it!

9. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with this year?

Always the GUESS staff – there is none better out there.

10. What has been your favorite project to work on this year?

My favorite project so far this year? Hmmm….actually they were all great and the year’s not over yet!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

In closing I will say that filming editorial with jimjam.jimjam for their Instagram account was really fun and different and the photos turned out to be amazing! I am also doing a shoot for a Mermaid calendar which will be pretty fun. Also, middle school has been so challenging that we really had to cut back on my auditions and jobs this year which has been unfortunate for my bank account but mainly because working is a lot more fun than going to school!

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