Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is this site and how are kids added (Also how can we be removed).
A: This site supports the young talents of the daytime soaps and select primetime shows. Young actors are added based on working on these shows, and everything is kept career related unless other information is provided to us. We do try our best to reach out to every family, however if a young actor is not with any of the agents we know, or known to be friends with other families a part of the site it does make it harder to reach out. If you would like to know more about the site or to be removed you can always email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Q: Who plays (insert childs name here) and why haven't you released a name yet.
A: If a name is not provided on the site then it has not been made public yet. When we do get a name it will be posted, unless we are asked not to by a parent/rep.

3. Q: Why do you host some kids' sites and not others?
A: All sites hosted by STAR-KIDZ are owned by Star-kidz staff members. We provide sites to those children whose family come to us to open one up. We do not pick and choose who gets a site and who doesn't.

4. Q: Why are some sections updated more than others?
A: We work full time and have lives outside of the site. We try our best to stay on top of every section, however some at points do see less updates than others. How busy some kids are at the moment is also factored into this.

5: Q: Would you ever expand the site into other shows?
A: Every season we do look at shows to consider adding to the site, especially the years one or more have come to and end. There are many different factors that go into selecting a show, and not many do make it to being added.

6. Q: Why were all the children on AMC recast and some aged?
A: All My Children relocated for New York City to Los Angeles for the start of 2010. All the kids live on the east coast and so the show recasted with children on the west coast.

7.Q: Why are there backstage/personal photos of some children and not others? I want to see photos of (insert child's name here).
A: All photos in the personal section have been donated to us by the families. We respect the families privacy and only post those photos which the parents have given specifically for our site.

8. Q: Why are photos tagged?
A: Photos are tagged for many reasons. Many are because they are our personal photos from events, or sent to us from others in attendance at fan events or outside the ABC soap studios in NYC. Images sent in by families get tagged as well, as they are their personal photos sent for display on this website. Others were tagged as they were sent by other people, who requested we tag when posting. Please note there are some very old photos that are tagged that should not be, we do hope at some point to overwrite the copies with untagged versions.

9. Q: I want to use a photo of (insert child's name here) that is on your site but it is tagged. Can I just a) crop it and post the untagged part? b) hide your tag with my own? c) alter the photo in any way to make it look like its original or another format?
A: That is a big no on those that are taken by the staff themselves or sent in from families/reps/other fans who took them. They were entrusted to the staff to be displayed here only. Permission needs to be given on those images. (Please note: Some older photos are tagged, that should not be, this does not apply to those).

10. Q: My site was on your affiliate page but now it is gone, how come?
A: We recently have gone through our affiliates and re-organized and checked broken links. We also checked to see which sites are linking us back. If your site has been removed it means we have not seen that you have linked back to us. The affiliate program is supporting each other. We link you and you link us back. If you would like to be re-added please contact us.

11. Q: Do you know of castings that you can release?
A: Any and all casting information done by the shows are done strictly from the casting department to agents. Some info usually get's out but not all the time. Whatever information get's leaked out to sites we're allowed to put up.

12. Q: Why are some children casted from blondes to brunette's?
A: When younger casting factor's more on how well the child work's with the cast. If blonde's who don't like to be held are casted and not brunette's who are very friendly it makes for a very stressful place for everyone while filming. While casting they try to stick to a certain look for a child but may occasionally switch. (Example. Unknown Ian's were very blonde Scott before him had dark hair, and Luc/Cole after had Dark curly hair)

13: Q: What is the point of having a backup child? (Example Shane as Jared's backup)
A: A backup child is just that a child that can be called in in case of an emergency and the main child can't make it. All children on the show have a backup child. There are strict law's when children are working and because of those law's they can only work a certain amount of time. If they plan on filming any longer with that character the backup child must be used.

14. Q: Why was (insert child's name) recasted?
A: Children are recasted for numerous reasons. We prefer to not release why a child has been recasted and also ask that it not be posted. It is upsetting to the fans and the families to read why the child(ren) were recasted and we prefer to think of the time they spent on the show rather than why it ended.

15.Q: Why are some Q&A's from the Q&A event not posted?
A: The holiday season is a busy time of year and no one can predict what their schedule will be like when December comes. Sometimes families do get really busy and are unable to finish the questions. Some will get posted in the weeks following the holidays and others will be part of the following year's Q&A event.

16.Q: Why are videos back on youtube? I thought you were doing the videos on the site?
A: Videos take up a lot of space to have on the site. While we would like to be able to offer that option, it is extremely costly (anywhere from $300+ a month) to be able to have sufficient space to have the videos safely without taking away from the site as we are a very large website. Youtube for this point in time is our best option and we hope we have made it easier to find videos by breaking down the channels by show.

17. Q: Why do some children continue acting while other's stop completely?
A: Each child is different. Some may grow out of it while other's grow shy. And other's may stick to it because they love it.

18. Q: Is it possible for me to talk to a young actor through your site?
A: No. You must remember more than 50% of the site is made up of infants/toddler's/preschooler's and pre-teens. A lot of the older ones do have fan pages on network's such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or official sites runned by a family or manager. We do however hold the yearly Q&A and sometimes random ones which allow the fan's to interact with the family and sometimes kids themselves through asking career related questions.

19. Q: Why are some kids last names not given on the site?
A: Any information given to us is based on the family/parents/reps. Some wish to rename nameless while other's okay just first names. We do as they ask and respect their wishes.

20. Q: I would like to work on the site with you. How can I become a staff member?
A: We currently aren't looking for anymore staff. But if at some point we do decide to bring in a new staff member it has to be someone we've known for years and all trust with our lives.

21.Q: How do I get an autograph from my favorite child on your site? A: As many of the children are young they do not offer autographs to their fans at this point. As well for privacy reasons the family prefers to keep autographs to fan events should the child attend one. We have also given away autographs to celebrate our site anniversary before, and may do so again at a later time.

22.Q: Why are some kids featured in layouts but not others? Some have been in more than one layout while others have been in none.
A: Layouts are determined based on what is happening at the site at the time (ie. AMC themed layout after move to LA) or new photos available at the time of a layout (ie. new Braden and Nigbor episode stills). We do not play favorites but rather focus upon what best represents what is happening at the time.

23.Q: I would like to attend fan events that I see photos of the kids at. How do I do so?
A: You can check and see the upcoming events for each show by going to its official fan club website. The list of actors however is subject to change and the children often attend last minute as it is hard to commit in advance.

24. Q: How can we find out information on a product used on a show?
A: We do not provide information used on show's. But you can request it on the forum and if anyone knows we're sure they'll reply back to you.

25. Q: Is there a way we can write to get a child to be used more?
A: Yes. You can always write to the producers. Or call the comment lines and request we see more of the character/actor(ress).

26. Q: Will the staff continue to get their own exclusives at events?
A: We will try our best to continue to make event visits. Unfortunately we are all on tight budgets and trips aren't in the cards every year.

27. Q: I talk to (insert young actor's name here) on a social networking site. How do I know if it's really them or a fake?
A: Be careful who you talk to on the internet. Just because the children aren't hugely known they're still some who have their very own internet fake. You can ask us on the forum or over on twitter and we will help in any way possible to find out.

28.Q: I am a fan of a child who used to be with Jet Set and would like to use the photos from their site on my site too, or for fan art, since the images are on your site this is okay right?
A: No this is not. We have had explicit permission from Jet Set to use those photos. We have a trust relationship with the former agents and in turn they have allowed us to use the photos. These are still industry related photos and are not to be used without their permission.

29.Q: I would like information about a child on a soap you do not cover, will you have it?
A: Unfortunately we only know the information about the soaps we do cover most of the time. We do not know information for ATWT and GL.

30. Q: I would like to get in touch with an actor that one of the children works with, can I do so through you?
A: You will not be able to get in touch with the actors the children work with through us. We do not have any contact with them.

31. Q: I want to start a site. Can I use your information or get a parents contact through you?
A: We do not provide the fan's with the families contact information under any circumstance.